To elucidate the mechanism by which antibiotics not only fatten livestock but also human being can become "obesity drug"

ByMichael Mortensen

antibiotics(Antibacterial drugs) are used to prevent infection, but by taking too muchResistant bacteriaHas been pointed out, and campaigns that "use of unnecessary antibiotics should be reduced" have also been expanding. In addition to the problem of this resistant bacterium, there is a view that the use of antibiotics may cause the problem of "obesity".

The Fat Drug -

In poultry farms and pig farms, it is a common scene to mix antibiotic powder with feed and keep it. Because livestock grows bigger by feeding chicks and piglets with antibiotic-containing feed, the use of antibiotics to produce cheap meat is treated as "super-feed" used naturally at the production site We are.

Antibiotics have been used for livestock in 1948AureomycinIt is the beginning that livestock was given to livestock. Biologist Dr. Thomas Juke and his colleague at the Ledary Institute found that individuals who doubled in weight appeared when they fed chicks with Aureomycin. Dr. Juke wanted to utilize Aureomycin for use to make livestock fattening, but because the new drug had the highest priority for treating human diseases, the Ledary Institute used Dr. Juke for the use of Aureomycin Forbidden. However, Dr. Juke who can not give up will come out after producing AureomycinslurryWas mixed with feed and given to pigs, sheep and bulls, we found that all the livestock weights will increase. It was a moment when the possibility of "being able to turn garbage into meat" could be found.

ByMike Tigas

In the 1950s, in the era of "the big things are good", oversized animals and plants, skyscrapers and baby giant babies were popular. Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company, said he was giving a prize to the event "Who can gain the most weight in the four months?" Dr. Lewis Caetano Anchunzs of the Oswald Cruise Foundation says, "There was none who cared about the mechanism of how antibiotics can make livestock fattener at the time."

However, as research on antibiotics progresses, there is a suspicion that "One of the causes of obesity in American people is antibiotics?" In 1980 Professor Martin Blazer of New York University was astonished at the amount of its amount, witnessing the scene of mixing large amounts of antibiotic powder into livestock feed. Dr. Blazer who saw antibiotics obese livestock over a period of years studied the effect of antibiotics on the growth of Mus musculus and found that the mice given antibiotic-containing feed twice as much fat I discovered. Dr. Blazer thought that antibiotics might be a switch to store extra fat.

In addition, Dr. Blazer, who studied the relationship between antibiotics and obesity, focused on the number of intestinal bacteria. It is known that some bacteria that are active in the intestine are related to immune reactions, digestion of food, nutrient formation, maintenance of healthy weight, etc. However, Dr. Blazer says antibiotics are beneficial I thought that killing bacteria may lead to obesity.

Up to now there was no way to identify bacteria in the body and measure its number, but recently developed ultrahigh-speed genomic base sequence sequencing equipment has made it possible to examine internal bacteria. In a recent study using ultrahigh-speed genomic base sequence sequencing equipment, antibioticsCiprofloxacinIt has been shown that the total number of bacteria in the digestive organs of patients who received the treatment is reduced by a factor of 10.

ByShaury Nash

Dr. Jeong Ilsen of the Blazer Laboratory believes that the causal relationship between the influence of antibiotics on intestinal bacteria and the induction of obesity is gradually becoming known, and unlike antibiotics, it does not kill intestinal bacteria It states that the development of new drugs is wanted. However, it is a strict fact that antibiotics are effective against infectious diseases, and it is said that it is not realistic to stop using antibiotics suddenly. Even if antibiotics are accompanied by side effects, there are certain scenes that must be used if this particular effectiveness is taken into consideration. Therefore, in the medical field, considering the advantages and disadvantages, avoiding abuse, the use that kept proper balance It is necessary.

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