I tried ride "Osaka water bus" running in Osaka, a city of water

Speaking of Osaka, it is said that "toppling down streets" and "town of merchant city", but also has aspects of the city of water, and the event called Mizu Osaka Festival is also done. For Osaka such a sightseeing run along a waterwayWater-busThroughout the yearKeihan Electric RailwayIt is operated. As I lived there were not so many sightseeing boats to ride so I came on a water bus to article.

Osaka Waterbus Bath | Osaka River & Bay Cruises

Arrived at Yodoyabashi station of Keihan Electric Railway.

Yodoyabashi Station is a subway station, but there is a water bus ticket office and a platform on the ground floor.

I will line up in the ticket counter row and purchase a ticket.

The price is round 60 minutes course with adult tax 1700 yen · dwarf 800 yen, 40 minutes course for one way and adult tax included 1300 yen · dwarf 600 yen. Water buses are Osaka Castle Harbor, Hachihodo Famihama Docking Station, Yodoyabashi Port ·OAPYou can get on board from the four ports of the port.

The design of a boarding tick is like this.

I will head to the water bus stop.

There were a lot of chairs waiting with a water bus sitting on the train.

While watching the Tosabori River ......

A water bus approached.

Arrived at the train station.

Passengers get down quickly. Foreign guests were also on board.

Pamphlets before boarding are not handed over with tickets, so it is necessary to secure them at the ticket office.

I will get on the water bus at once.

Passenger capacity is 132 people for less than 1.5 hours · 99 people for 1.5 hours or more and less than 6 hours, the inside seems to be wide.

Looking backward from the front of the boat and shooting it is like this.

This is taken in the direction of travel. Three-seat seats are basic, the boarding rate of the last flight on holiday was around 10%.

Seats for six people who can sit face-to-face are also available.

While doing so, the water bus will turn and depart.

Running running with water but the sound is not very noisy.

You can check how the water bus runs in the river from the following movie.

I tried riding "Osaka water bus" running Osaka which is said to be the city of water - YouTube

Because the height of the water bus is low, it is nothing to pass under the bridge.

Since the window of the roof inside the ship is transparent, you can look up at the bridge from below.

First of all, in order to understand the flow, I will confirm the course with a brochure.

Running a little, the park was on your left.

There is a rose gardenNakanoshima Park.

There are many couples in the park.

As boats stand out, children will wake their hands as they pass.

Besides this park, I came across such a scene several times.

At the edge of the parkTadao AndoThere was a large fountain that was conceived.

A huge arch with a height of 25 meters and a length of 60 meters will be applied at 0 minutes and 30 minutes per hour.

From the Temmabashi neighborhoodKeihan City MallI could see.

While running for a while on a waterway ......

I came across a ship called a Ponpon ship.

The speed bus is faster than the water bus, it passes by the side.

There is a park in the back, cherry blossoms are already blooming in only one sunny place. This cherry tree seems to bloom about a week earlier than normal flowering.

On the left you can see the Osaka Mint Bureau, famous for the cherry blossoms passing through.

Although the cherry blossoms were not bloomed when they boarded, when cherry blossoms are in bloom a lot of people crowd.

Arrived at the OAP port. The Crystal Tower nearby is 150 meters high and a masterpiece.

While doing so, the journey of the ship to the middle stage. Go around the Neyagawa Bridge to Osaka - jo Castle.

A little beyond the Neyagawa bridge, we have been building weapons of the Japanese army from about 1870 until the Pacific WarOsaka Artillery Arsenal.

The waterway to ship weapons from the arsenal has already been closed.

Live from the water bus will be heldOsakajo HallI also saw it.

The process will finally come to a close. On the left you can seeRiver station Hokkaido.

An important cultural property built in 1918Central public hallI came to see it.

You can see Nakanoshima Library and Osaka City Hall in the back.

While doing such a thing, the 60-minute sailing trip ended. I do not get tired of the in-flight announcement flowing almost all the time in the plane.

The Osaka Seaplane Bus can be taken from 10 o'clock in the morning and the last flight is at 16 o'clock. When visiting Osaka sightseeing or moving to Osaka, first ride it, it may be nice to ride as you can see the state of the city in Osaka roughly.

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