It turned out that the bullet penetrated with affordance when shooting the bulletproof glass iPhone protector

It was made assuming a direct hit of 12.7 mm bulletBulletproof case for iPhone weighing 2.1 kgAlthough it is already on sale, "Kickstarter" was commercialized "Holy Grail series"Is a screen protector made of the same material as bulletproof glass which can be iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c bulletproof specification by pasting alone. What is the actual performance? Results are experimentally published by experimenting with tapping, stepping on and shooting with the key · screwdriver · hammer · staple gun · car · gun.

We test a "bulletproof" iPhone screen protector. With a gun. And bullets. | Ars Technica

Holy Grail comes in a case of card sizes.

Besides the protector, cloth for the screen is included.

Paste it on the screen just like a normal screen protector.

IPhone 5 / 5s / 5c exclusive use, iPhone 3GS which does not matter if the size does not match is OK even if it breaks.

The protector looks up and a dot is included.

First of all, I scratched with keys and experimented. There are protectors that prevent scratches even if they are not bulletproof ... ...

A man who performs experiments with excitement that "Wow! Scratch 1 does not come!"

Next is rubbing or poking with a flathead screwdriver.

"It's a bulletproof so it's a no problem ... I guess it's a lie?" It's a surprising man with a crack easily entered.

At this point I feel bad, but next time I challenge a metal hammer.

Although the body is not enough to break, the crack on the screen is getting bigger.

...... is a staple gun hammer out the metal pieces such as thick nail

A crack caused a crack. A man who is angry with saying, 'What a glass bulletproof glass!'

It's already rash before experimenting with a gun.

Although clearly the result is visible, an electric screwdriver is prepared.

Attack the screen with a sharp attachment that rotates at high speed.

Then the protector is a miserable quality just before the hole is empty.

Experiment with a tool at home resulted in annihilation other than the key, but I will step on the iPhone 3GS equipped with Holy Grail by car in the extreme.

The protector is a shattered level along with scratches of previous experiments.

Try removing Holy Grail from iPhone 3GS which finished the experiment and it is like this. There is a crack in the body to be protected.

Next, take the iPhone 4 with the Holy Grail and go to the shooting range.

Fix the iPhone 4 with a clip between the wooden boards.

We will put a bullet in the magazine.

Targeting and shooting ......

The iPhone was crushed brilliantly.

Even though it was the first one, the bullet reached the body, and the iPhone can no longer be used.

After that, I re-set and shoot it again and again, but bullets have penetrated rather than stop ... ...

The protector looks like this.

IPhone 4 has become shattered enough to keep the original shape. A reporter at Ars Technica who conducted the experiment said, "Do not use Holy Grail, do not want it, do not need it, because it is not at all bulletproof specifications."

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