What is the coping method when I was criticized for work or life?

ByPeter Alfred Hess

Working for a company, working for a company, traveling all over the world, finishing my life in the same town, going to the gym five times a week, sitting on a sofa every evening ... ... There are ways to spend, but people who criticize and criticize appear no matter what life they send. How columnamist James Clear will deal with "critics" appearing one after another in the life based on his own experience? I advise you that.

Haters and Critics: How to Deal with People Judging You and Your Work - James Clear

◆ The biggest critic in life is myself


When a person decides to start something, a critic who says something that hinders it is anything. Do not have a job hunting experience for yourselfwebsiteIn the case of Mr. Clear who opened a job and started work, it is not a criticism by a third party that has disturbed, "Is not it that people think of me as a" loser "? It was my own mind to worry about. It was not a tough comment from the reader to the column I wrote when I first started a column site, but I was worried about what people think when I wrote what I felt.

However, everyone has a feeling that they want to be respected and evaluated. Mr. Clear also believes in his skills on the one hand when he is forced to choose whether or not to release the column with risk and his feeling that he wishes to contribute to the surrounding world with his own power and his own idea Will it be criticized by friends / family / readers? I felt conflicting among concerns. As a result, criticism for critics is mostly superficial and temporary, it is not that you are interested in the selection and action of the object, rather than protect yourself from criticism I decided my mind that it is more important to contribute something to the world and decided to publish the column. It is now showing success as a website with many readers.

◆ Everyone has a criticism spirit


The number of people who read Clear's column is over 1.2 million in the past nine months. Approximately 98% of people are "mere column readers", 2% are registered in newsletters "part of community". And it seems that 0.000008% of people are sending negative comments and mails. Since criticism is present in any person, criticism will also occur in articles that nearly most people agree.Florida State UniversityResearchersRoy BowemeisterIn his research, negative emotions are easy to remember vividly in memory, proving that criticism tends to occur more than praise.

◆ Focus on the road rather than the wall

ByAndy Price

When Clearu thinks about criticism from other people and negative comments, it is in 1967 thatDaytona 500Winning in 1969Indy 500But in 1978 he became the world champion of F1 and became the leading racing driver in the United StatesMario AndrettiIt is Mr.'s word.

Mr. Andretti received an interview with SUCCESS magazine about driving skills "Since you will not see the wall, the car will go to the direction you saw, this is an important lesson learned when young drivers race in the race When you are running at 200 mph (320 km / h) you have to concentrate on the road in front of the eyes, if you look at the wall, you will crash at that moment and answer " It is. Mr. Clear thinks that criticism and negative comments are like "wall" of Mr. Andretti. If you turn your eyes to "walls", you will get caught up with negative feelings such as anger and loss of self-confidence. Some of those who criticize do not have to care because some people are thinking of making other people 's work to be jealousy, only if they concentrate on the way they should go to the last.

How to deal with people who hate you

ByKeary O.

Sometimes it is necessary to respond to criticism, but the novelistGary Vina chuckHe is practicing the right examples. His book "Crush It!"Has become a best seller, Amazon posted many customer reviews of 1 star and 2 stars. Mr. Vainachak decided not to excuse people who wrote a negative review but to apologize in good faith and post a one-star review saying "Why can you publish this book?" "Frank, I'm really sorry to have offered you a book, Frank, I'm really sorry, I hope to meet you even if possible for 15 minutes and respond to my apologies and all the doubts. I really am sorry, "the message was sent.

Mr. Wayna Chuck managed to tell me his phone number from Frank and he contacted me directly. Mr. Frank who should have denied all of the books, but after the phone in Amazon's review column "If Amazon has a" human ranking ", I will not put a 5 star on Mr. VaNAChach "I can not help being touched by treating criticism politely by taking such quick contacts," added Vena Chuck's acclaimed content. In this way, if you are dealing with people who criticize, you should respond favorably, not trying counterattack against "try to defeat the opponent". Perhaps you may be able to win new fans.

However, "Anyway, people will criticize you," Clear says. After finding out about that, I conclude "to make the right choices for me".

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