"Safuraha" private room lodging repos that can relax and travel from Kansai to Kyushu by boat trip

Vehicles moving while lodging with sleeping trains and ferries have a different charm than other transportation facilities. Because it takes time and the destinations are limited, I am not given the opportunity to ride, but a ferry connecting Kansai and Kyushu "A flowerBecause I had the opportunity to use, I tried to stay in a private room of a ferry where I could taste a relaxing boat trip.

Ferry elbow

◆ Purchase tickets
The basic fee of "Safuraha · Kobato" sailing between Osaka and Beppu is "1500 yen including tax including" Turist "who is staying in a private room as a regular room, bunk bed in the same room" Tourist Bed 8 people 12 people Room "14,000 yen including tax," Tourist bed 4 person room "tax included 15,500 yen," Standard 2 person room "tax included 16,800 yen," Standard 1 person room "tax included 17,000 yen, the first is 18,800 yen, "Deluxe" "Deluxe Single" is 27,000 yen. The amount varies depending on the time and reservation method.

Reservation is possible from the following site. Please check first and click "New reservation (one way)".

Enter 1 person in "Number of adults including driver", enter the desired date on "Destination boarding day" and "Ocean port" in Osaka Minamiko ATC and Destination port After entering "Beppu", click "Next".

Then you can check the availability of the desired day.

This time to select the cheapest "standard" in one private room, click on "To reservation" on the right. The price displayed here is a discount price applied campaign etc., and the price of 17,000 yen is usually 13,500 yen.

After entering "Name" "Gender" "Age", click "Next".

If there is no mistake in contents, please check the box and click "next".

Finally, enter necessary information and press "send" the reservation is completed. The fee can be paid by cash or card at the time of procedure at the site. After this, the reservation slip is displayed, so if you print it and take it, you can do the procedure without writing the passenger list at the counter.

◆ Boarding - on board and in a private room
Ferry stand for Osaka - BeppuOsaka Nanko Cosmo Ferry TerminalNearest station, Nanko Port Town LineTrade center front stationArrival in. Guide to the ferry platform is on the ticket gate.

To the platformOsaka Minamiko ATCPass through.

There is no guidance because there is a guide showing the destination without being interrupted from point to point to the platform.

Arrived at the window of a snowflake to board a ship.

Along with the reception, you can get a boarding ticker as soon as you give the printed reservation form at the time of Internet reservation. If you do not have a reservation form, you can fill in the passenger register and pass it.

You will be able to board the ship one hour before your departure, but if you arrive earlier you have a waiting place so you can rest assured.

Inside the waiting place is like this.

When it gets on board, you pass through the connecting passage in the back of the waiting area.

"Sankuraha · Kobato" to board the boat from the window was visible.

I handed the ticket to the attendant in front of the entrance, and finally I went inside the ship.

If you are booking a private room, go to the information office near the entrance ... ....

You need to receive the room key.

In the lobby, the jazz band's performance is ringing and a gorgeous atmosphere.

For the moment I headed to the standard room, to the 3rd floor.

The lobby on the third floor is like this.

There were a lot of people taking meals brought here.

In the lobby on the third floor there is a vending machine for hot food and coffee ......

Sakura tea is free to drink OK.

There is a microwave oven, and alcohol is also on sale next door. There are places where drinks are unusually high in the event venues, but Sakuraha has a favorable feeling where it is offering at the price of ordinary vending machines.

This plate is a landmark for the room number.

When I find the room I reserved, I will try to enter the room.

When opening the door, the cheapest standard in a private room is quite tight room, but there is no problem as a room that only sleeps.

A washbasin stands in the eyes as soon as it enters. Amenity toothbrush and lishes are also placed.

There is one outlet on the side of the hand soap.

There is a desk next to the sink and there is one small TV. Since the dinner, breakfast, bathing time etc. are written in the snowfall 's boarding guide on the left side, it is necessary check if it is not refraining.

A life jacket is prepared under the desk as it is a ferry.

Since clothing methods are stuck out, let's look through in preparation for a moment's time.

There was a bed opposite the desk, I put backpack and PC for comparison. It may be cramped depending on the person because it is a slender feeling.

There is a light at the bedside, there is also an outlet here. If you exit the plug for TV, you can use up to 3 outlets though it is separated.

Yukata and face towel

Space to put coat etc is next to bed.

Blankets are prepared under clothes hangers. Because the inside of the box is empty it is handy to put together the luggage.

There is no window but a picture is hung. There is no bathroom / toilet in the room, only the deluxe class private room is attached.

When I finished watching the room as a whole, I will go on a boat exploration. Unfortunately we could not get on the observation deck because we did a chimney cleaning this day.

Snacks such as souvenirs and sweets are served at the shop on the second floor ......

We also sell cold drinks.

Nostalgic game corner too.

◆ Dinner Buffet
Evening dinner for gold and earthly flights Viking can go to eat between 18:30 and 21:30, but it is not crowded earlierObservation bathIt is recommended to enter.

Dinner Viking's time has been filled with bills all the while, but when waiting at the entrance, a clerk will show you the seat.

So because it is one person, you can enter the shop soon, so purchase a ticket and hand it to the clerk. Dinner The price of Viking is 1,500 yen per adult, 1200 yen for 65 years old and over, 1000 yen for elementary school students, and 600 yen for children 4 years old and elementary school students.

This restaurant has such atmosphere.

First I got a plate.

We also sell alcohol such as sake and shochu.

The contents of the buffet of the day are sushi and sashimi and sashimi ... ...

Rape blossom sesame sauce, Itoyori mustard, Teriyaki grilling for the first time

There is also a temple of Oita specialty.

Ferries Tangled Up to what they are curry.

All you can drink soft drinks.

It is also possible to pour draft beer from the server at 500 yen.

In addition to cakes and fruits for dessertChocolate fountainThere is also.

I've taken over like this.

All-you-can-eat oyster fly of crispy.

Unfortunately it is disappointing that none of the dishes are fresh, but the quality can not be said to be high, but the cost performance is high because the number of food items is large and the time is unlimited until 21:30.

After meals · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · You can connect to the net using the in-ship Wi-Fi in the lobby etc, but it is drastically short of up to six customers and the number of customers. Because the interior is surrounded by iron or all the communication devices are out of the service area as soon as they enter the room, many passengers were using smartphones at the window in the lobby. In ocean, the radio waves of Softbank and au hardly connect, so it seems useful if you have DoCoMo's smartphone or mobile router.

The bed does not go fluffy, but you can sleep soundly by being shaken by the sea.

◆ Breakfast Viking ~ Disembarkation
I went out to the observation deck the next morning.

It is also possible to see the sunrise.

In addition, the inside of a tourist in the same room sees the inside through the window.

The tourist's room is like this. There was a place where one room is rented out by a group rather than a shared room.

Since there is a locker, management of valuables seems to be possible at a minimum.

If you have time to get to the desert, you can buy breakfast buffet from 6 o'clock to 7:30 p.m. for adults, 600 yen for elementary school students, 400 yen for elementary school students, 4 years old to less than 300 yen for elementary school students, free of charge under 4 years of age You can eat.

Breakfast is natto or busy

In addition to choosing a menu of Japanese dishes such as funny and rice ......

Morning system such as cinnamon roll and bread is prepared.

We also installed a toaster for bread.

There are also low-fat milk and fruits.

I tried it for breakfast like this.

The jam margarine-coated toast is crispy.

If you eat with scrambled egg you can taste the breakfast atmosphere of the hotel.

Because coffee after meal is also included in the buffet, you can enjoy breakfast slowly if you get up early.

When the announcement of the desert flows, collect the baggage and head towards the exit and put the key in the return box OK.

Nursery school which has a different atmosphere from night.

That is why I arrived in Oita prefecture overnight. You can relax by eating rice or taking a bath while watching the outside scenery and finally bringing it to your destination if you are slow in a single room, so the time is longer than other transportation facilities such as buses and Shinkansen It will take, but you can enjoy a relaxing "boat trip". Also, because it will arrive at your destination early in the morning, you can rest well and work from early in the morning is also one of the charms.

For example, if you make a return flight to a ferry, you can schedule "stay at the hotel and return the next day" by ferry only. When you say "I want to ride a ferry!", Considering staying for 1 day, if you incorporate a ferry move, you may be able to make a travel plan that is satisfying with both time and fee.

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