Apple requests a royalty of roughly 4,100 yen per Samsung's smartphone & tablet

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On March 31, 2014 iPhone 5 andGalaxy S IIIApple and Samsung are waiting for the trial on Samsung, but it became clear that Apple is requesting a $ 40 (roughly 4100 yen) royalty for each Samsung smartphone tablet.

FOSS Patents: At upcoming trial, Apple wants Samsung to pay $ 40 per device for only five software patents

Apple's ludicrous demand in next trial: Samsung must pay $ 40 per smartphone | Ars Technica

FOSS PatentsApple says Samsung smartphones and tablets sold 1 as a royalty fee for five patents "tap function", "integrated search function", "data synchronization function", "slide to unlock function" and "autocomplete function" He said he is seeking payment of 40 dollars (about 4100 yen) per unit.

As a royalty fee to Microsoft for Android-based smartphone manufacturers,$ 5 per HTC from HTC(About 513 yen), others are said to have obtained 7.5 dollars (about 770 yen) to 12.5 dollars (about 1284 yen) from each company,Annual patent royalty is about $ 2 billion(About 205.4 billion yen) is expected to be reached.

Samsung sells about 320 million smartphones in 2013. If Apple's request is approved, Samsung will pay $ 12.8 billion (about 1,134.1 billion yen) in a year to Apple, far beyond the patent royalties that Microsoft requires for smartphone manufacturers It can be said that it is a high price setting.


In another Apple and Samsung trial on February 25, 2014, Judge Lucy Kou orders to submit an expert's report, including Apple's license data, to the jury, Apple's lawyers insist that "we should stop submitting license data to the jury." In response, Samsung's lawyer Scott Watson said, "The request for $ 40 per device as a royalty fee and the withholding of license data are contradictory," Apple's and Samsung ' It is likely to continue.

FOSS Patents has published a document on this lawsuit, and you can read the full text from below.

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