It turned out to be up when the experiential speed of the old iPhone becomes iOS 7.1


It seems that iOS 7.1 released by Apple on March 11, 2014 has an effect of improving the speed of bodily sensation, and it became clear that iPhone 4 which is 4 generations ago from the latest model can experience the effect .

IOS 7.1 on the iPhone 4: As good as it's going to get | Ars Technica

To CPUA4 processor, Adopting a long sideways shapeDock connectorThe OS version installed when iPhone 4 debuted withIOS 4was. Four years later, the iOS has evolved to version number 7, but as the performance required for hardware is raised as a matter of course, it will affect the feeling of use of the old model iPhone 4 It was. Especially the change when iOS 7 was released seems to be noticeable, sometimes I see cases where iOS 6 keeps using as iOS 6 disliking the heavy operation.

One of the reasons for slowing down the speed of exercise on iOS 7 is animation display which was heavily used. It is one of the original ways of using it to not feel the loading time at the time of launching an application, but in many cases animation is also heavily used in places where it is not necessary. In the case of iPhone 4, this animation also doubled the application startup time, which also led to a significant reduction in the speed of the iOS 7.

ByEd Yourdon

In iOS 7.1, animation display time is shortened and the perceived speed has been improved, and in order to confirm the state of change, Ars Technica has developed an application on iOS 6, iOS 7.0.3, and new iOS 7.1 We compared start times.

Surprisingly, the result that iOS 6 which is the oldest version among three is revealed is revealing the top time in almost all items. And it can be clearly seen that iOS 7.0.3 is judged to be the slowest movement.

In the latest iOS 7.1, the rendering performance of the user interface is also improved. In the movie below you can see how the smoothness of the display when moving the home screen or pulling out the control center is improving somewhat.

It is iOS 7.1, which seems to benefit greatly for iPhone 4 users, but it has also become clear that iPhone 4 does not support the following functions. Even if you try to improve on the software side, it seems that you can not deny that the big wall of hardware still stands.

· 3D flyover display of the map
· Camera panorama function, filter
· AirPlay
· Siri
· AirDrop
· Transparent representation of the screen, live wallpaper, parallax effect of the home screen

The iPhone 4, about four years have passed since its release, is a fact that can not be avoided as compared to the latest models equipped with the latest processors. The newly upgraded version of iOS 7.1 does not dramatically fill the difference in hardware performance over four years, but it seems that it has become possible to get close to the operation feeling like iOS 6 If you were looking for opportunities to upgrade to iOS 7 lines, this time iOS 7.1 should be a good opportunity.

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