Game "Mini Metro" to connect passengers smoothly by connecting subway lines

In the downtown area such as Tokyo, metro and trains are stretched all around like a net's eyes. A browser game that makes passengers smoothly get on and off while creating complicated subway route diagrams with only symbols and lines "Mini Metro"is.

Mini Metro

You can see the actual playing of Mini Metro from the following movies.

When you play "Mini Metro" like this, YouTube

To play, click "unity web player" where you scroll down.

Click "Save file".

Launch it when the installer is displayed on the desktop.

Click "Execute".

Click "I agree".

If you press "Finish" then ...

The game screen is displayed on the Mini Metro page and it is now possible to play.

If the web player does not work, it is also possible to download standalone Mini Metro.

Click "Start Game" to start the game.

In the first screen like this, three symbols representing the station are installed. The white part means land, the light blue part means river.

Passengers are displayed when looking at the right side of the station and it is necessary to drag the passengers so that they can get on and off smoothly and connect the tracks. Up to 3 routes can be drawn immediately after start. It is possible to reconstruct even a stretched line by shortening it if it becomes unnecessary.

Passengers are in the form of stations they want to get off, so it is necessary to connect the tracks efficiently while looking at them. For example, if you connect too many stations with the same sign, you will only pass through, and if you extend the track too much, the time it takes for the train to return will be too long,

As the time elapses, the station increases randomly, and if the railway line is not connected to the emerging station, the "!" Mark will flash, so let's hurry and connect.

If you cross the river and connect the railway, you will become a tunnel and the route will be shown as a dotted line. At first, only two tunnels can be made, so in order to make three or more tunnels you need an item that you can get by advancing the game.

The time in the upper right becomes "Monday", one week has passed safely and the stage is cleared. You can get a metro system upgrade called "Train Upgrade" which increases train speed and number of boarding as a reward, or "Line" which will allow you to draw one line. This time I got "Train Upgrade" of the mark "C".

When you get paid, it will restart from the continuation, and the lines will intersect more and more complicatedly. From the second week "station" station also appeared.

You can slide "Upgrade" by hovering the cursor on the left side of the screen. The "C" item got by the reward of the first week is an item that can organize a train of one route into two cars, but if it is not used, the effect will not appear.

Therefore, drag it around the line that seems to be valid ... ...

When dropping, the train becomes two in this way, the running speed and the number of boarding possibilities increase.

When passengers get too accumulated, a round gauge appears around the station, and if the gray gauge disappears ... ...

It will be game over.

By the way, 625 people scored the highest record in the editorial department. As points, "I can not connect with stations of the same mark" "Make some short and short trip routes rather than keeping all the lines at even length" "Priority for obtaining items is" LINE ">" TRAIN " > "Station Upgrade" order. It is also effective to rebuild the railroad in real time, it is a game that it seems that unique player strategy is likely to be born for each player.

Although it is a simple mechanism game, as the number of routes increases, the difficulty level goes up and you need to think about all the balance. Because it is a deep gaming nature, you need to be careful as you may not be able to stop once playing.

Although the "Mini Metro" which I played this time is a trial version, in the first half of 2014 I will download the game download download platform for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad and Android tabletSteamIt is scheduled to be released from.

Steam Greenlight :: Mini Metro

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