What is a method taken by a free mail service provider to let Adblock users click on ads?

ByKiril Strax

German free mail serviceWEB.DEYaGMXIs a large service with two or more users with more than millions of users. In these sites, browser extensions that erase advertisements displayed in web pages "AdblockMichael Büker points out that he was doing a ridiculous secret strategy for someone who is using the advertisement to see the advertisement somehow.

German freemail sites trick Firefox & amp; Chrome users into removing AdBlock | Gebloggendings

According to Mr. Michael, when visiting these sites, it seems that from some point the yellow warning bar is displayed which sticks together with the screen scroll as shown in the image below. This bar is designed to mimic the Firefox and Chrome warning bars and it says "Your computer's security is endangered by Firefox add-ons" and a button "Restore security" He also said that it was attached.

Clicking on this "restore security" button or clicking on a link written as "further information"Browsersicherheit.infoIt seems that it was supposed to be skipped to the website called. On this site called Browsersicherheit.info, it was described how to manipulate how to manipulate browser add-ons and explain that multiple add-ons including Adblock are becoming a security risk It was.

In 'Browsersicherheit.info' there was also a "Malicious Add-ons" list that this site says. At the top of this list is the name of the add-on that is equivalent to Adblock and its variants, and the column that explains how to explain how to hurt the user experience will be "filtering the page content There was.

However, Adblock related add-ons are quietly erased from the list at the moment.

This list has been elaborately made to crawl even the user who is familiar with surfing the Internet, and those that are actually on this list with add-ons other than Adblock are add-ons with security problems It was said that there was.

When Michael, the author of the blog, found browsersicherheit.info, the names of WEB.DE and GMX were not listed anywhere on the page. However, at the top of the page there are two companies' name notation decadeca.

Looking at the contact page of skilfully hidden browsersicherheit.info,1 & 1WhenAG MEDIAAre related to this site, these two companies are the same as WEB.DE and GMXUnited Internet AGIt is a subsidiary of the company. WEB.DE, GMX, and even 1 & 1 should have been included in Adblock Plus' "discreet advertisement", but it is unclear how it was taken under such circumstances is.

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