Armadillo living in the prairie of Argentina is cute kimo

Armadillo which ran away to the bushes when approaching. When I was observing the situation for a while, I came out looking for bait. It is good to dig the ground with a nose, but it seems that the surroundings do not seem to be visible, and it comes to the feet. There is not enough sense of crisis as wild animals. I have a cute face, but it looks like a giant dung beetle and it looks funny. They were living in the prairie of Patagonia.

Hello,Around the World Bicycle WorldIt is Takuya Sudo @ Chaliderman. In the endlessly spreading prairie, I took the armadillo that was moving around chic. Patagonia's Argentina side "Route 40 (Ruta · Quanta)" is a strong wind blowing better than listening.

Armadillo was in Argentina within route 40

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◆ Route 40
Running from Puerto Mont in Chile to Coyhaique, you have two choices whether to leave Chile southward or to Argentina. Tiriruto is popular with recent charaders because it is a new way, entering Argentina by ship and trekking south to Oigins Village (Villa O'Higgins). Chile is long in the north and south, but the road is not connected in the south. However, I chose the Argentina route because I was chasing the back of my longing Charida.

Pass through Buenos Aires Lake (Lago Buenos Aires) on the border with Argentina.

I went across the minor borders Puerto Ibanez (Puerto Ibanez).

A beautiful emerald green color changed to Buenos Aires lake.

No wild running anytime.

Because it was a rough road, I could only run 62 km and I could not reach the town.

I will arrive in the town of Perito Moreno in Argentina on the 4 th from Cochaque of Chile. Here we join the route 40 penetrating north and south of western Argentina. Here, numerous hand-drawn figures were drawn by indigenous people "Hand cavernIt was a base to the World Heritage site, but I was in a hurry to go, so I bought out without stopping and progressed ahead.

Entrance to the town.

A supermarket in the suburbs.

Food that I bought a little to run the unmanned section.

From Pelito Moreno I was bothered by the strong winds of Patagonia. Although running on a straight road, if you do not tilt the car body, it flies to the outside of the road, otherwise it bends the handle and turns the bicycle a full turn. The sign is also strong pull with tremor and the bicycle seems to be knocked down when not on both feet. It will take 7 hours to reach 40 km or head to the wind, so it will run until 11 o'clock in the evening, pushing with a combo with unpaved. I'd like to switch to "Wind of tomorrow blows", but I realized that "the wind blows tomorrow" and was wilting. The wind is usually blowing from the west to the east.

A sign of attention to strong winds. However, there are only plains in the neighborhood, no trees grow.

It is hard to understand, but clothes are in close contact with the body with a breeze-blowing wind.

Dusk of pampa (prairie). Compared with Chile traveling where there was a lot of rain, although the weather was stable, it was saved.

Located about 125 km south of Pelito Moreno is the village of Bajo Caracoles. There is also a shop, so you can supply food and water.

The gas station that the sticker stuck to the traveler was impressive.

There is no settlement until Tres Lagos about 340 km south of Bajo Calacoles. There were two hotels in between, but it is quite a long uninhabited section.

Premonition that there is only myself on the straight road.

Lake Koldiel (Lago Cardiel) who appeared in dry landscape was shining like a jewel.

Unlike in the past, it is almost paved, but some sections are still unpaved. There was a trouble that the stacked vibrations were the cause or the spokes became loose.

I sleep like a rat Rat in the drainage path under the road. I can not find a place where I can only prevent winds here.

A pleasant insertion from the road construction people. Finally arrived at the town, lunch was also scarce, so it was saved.

Then I returned to civilized society in Tres-Lagos town where I got there.

At Tres Lagos, stay at the campground. I washed my sweat with a hot shower, washed all the dirty clothes, bought food at the store and revived.

It is route 40 to hear that there were many unpaved in the past, but pavement extends from the town of Pelito Moreno to the town of Gobernador Gregores. However, as Gobelnador Gregores is going down the road, if you are going south straight, you need to run the unpaved section. Since paving work is progressing also from Tres Lagos, route 40 will be completely paved if it is going through Gobernador · Gregorless in the near future. Although it should be easy to run absolutely compared to the past, it seemed that my heart felt like a strong wind like a tyrant. The greatness of the charaders who ran in the era when it was unpaved is immeasurable. From Tres Lagos to the Pelito Moreno glacier and El Calafate, the base of Fitzro, are also fully paved.

In this section, Guanaco who jumps over the road fence by jumping lightly and runs away ... ....

There was a delicious flavorless bird called Nyandu who seemed to have reduced the ostrich.

◆ Armadillo
In this driving, I found an armadillo trying to cross the road.

As I approached it ran away.

Run down the slope ... ....

It hides in the bushes.

I have a cute eye and eye.

I shot with a movie.

Pretty Armadillo hidden in the bush - YouTube

When I was observing for a while, it went outside.

It seems that she is looking for insects to feed, attaching her nose to the ground.

It is awkward because it seems to be a huge dung beetle.

Body hair which grew casually from the shell is also creepy.

But, it also feels cute as a drinking figure.

It was moving around chic.

There seemed to be a kind also in Armadillo, and what I found was never rounded. Originally it seems to be a living thing of South America, it is adopted also in the Brazilian World Cup mascot character to be held this year.

The figure from the front.

The figure from behind.

Immediately from the side.

From the oblique angle.

Whether you are absorbed in the bait and you can not see the surroundings, it gets closer and closer.

Quite approaching.

To the feet immediately.

It is approaching like this.

Armadillo approaching to your feet without the surroundings being visible - YouTube

As soon as it approaches, I notice what I am and then move away.

Although I was observing for a while, I was digging the ground all the time undaunted without my own existence. Although it is said to be a friendly creature, it seems that it is likely to be captured so easily that it is worried. I was able to see the appearance of such Armadillo several times during driving.

I've enjoyed the Aragangjiro with a strong wind and more than enough for running Patagonia.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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