Live jump to the base jumping from Everest summit at an altitude of 8850 m

Like a mussel from a high placeWing suitWearing high speed gliding skill "Base jumpIs an extreme sport with the risk of life that more than 24 people have died even in 2013 alone. Such a base jumperJoby OgwynIt was revealed in May 2014 that Jump from the summit of Everest at an altitude of 8850 m.

Daredevil to jump off summit of Mount Everest - Telegraph

You can check Ogwyn's test of wing suit toward Everest's jump from the following movie.

Climber & base jumper · Joby Ogwyn was 19 years old and succeeded in climbing Mt. Everest and set the youngest record in the United States. The climbing speed is top level in the world, and in 2008 it usually takes 3 days to climb Mount Everest in about 9 hours 30 minutes. Such Ogwyn would carry out a jump from the summit after going through Everest with a wing suit in May 2014.

In the past Russian Valerie Rosov was jumping from Everest's altitude of 7220 mEstablish world recordOgwyn will do the world's first challenge of jumping from a higher altitude of 8850 m.

We do not equip the conventional parachute, we plan to challenge the flight with just the top secret equipment designed for the base jump and the oxygen mask. Because it reaches 241.4016 km / h, depending on the flight distance and wind direction, there is a possibility of landing in China, and it is said that wing suit is also preparing passport.

Ogwyn says, "I want to show the world of the most exciting adventure to many people, but it is a fact that the flight from the mountain is very dangerous and fear is felt compared to the flight from the airplane But the flight from Everest is a dream from a young age and I am not afraid of dying. "

Broadcast date is unspecified, but flight towards 200 countries around the worldDiscovery channelIt will be live on.

In addition, you can see the movie that Ogwyn glides the ground at ultra high speed from the following.

Joby Ogwyn and Jeb Corliss wing - suiting in China and Africa - YouTube

Mr. Ogwyn standing in the cliff by wearing a wing suit

When you jump, it's altitude that you are immediately hitting the ground, but gliding without falling with the lift of the wing suit.

Ogwyn's shadow on the rocky skin will show you how flying the ground is.

While I glide at nearly 200 km / h, the distance to the ground will not be as much as 10 m, but I am managing the wing suit exquisitely.

The base jump movie Ogwyn performed in various places can be viewed from the following official site.

Joby Ogwyn l High Altitude Climber / Wing-suit Explorer

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