A camera strap that changes to an impact protection case when wrapped around "miggo"

Digital single-lens reflex cameras and mirrorless single-lens cameras can take beautiful pictures, but overall they are bigger than compact digital cameras, so it is difficult to figure out how to carry them. If you store it in your usual bag, you will be worried about the breakdown caused by the shock, but it is troublesome to carry the camera bag separately from the baggage. When protecting such cameras from shocks, you can wrap around and wind it around OK Straight camera strap is OKMiggo"is.

Miggo - camera's best amigo by Ohad Cohen - Kickstarter

You can check how you are using 'miggo' with camera strap and protective case characteristics from the following movie.

You can leave pleasant memories by taking a camera to leisure and outdoor. Although you can take beautiful pictures with a single-lens reflex digital camera or mirrorless single-lens reflex camera, you need to be cautious in carrying it.

So it seems that men have come up with something.

I took out the packing material bubble wrap

It is very happy to wrap around the camera, but it does not look like a very good way to carry around.

As professional photographers become more portable equipment to carry, it is also necessary to have multiple camera bags ......

"Miggo" solves the problem of such digital SLR and mirrorless SLR.

Extend the cloth wrapped around the camera ... ...

We opened the middle zipper.

If you lower it to your neck ...

You can shut off immediately.

Although the width is wider for the camera strap, since several kinds of designs are prepared, things that match the fashion can be chosen.

Two couples shooting each other with a camera.

Miggo is a type to use down from the neckStrap & amp; Wrap"When……

Wrapped around the wrist "Grip & amp; WrapThere are two types.

As for how to store the camera, first close the zipper after shooting.

Winding round the camera ......

It is OK if fixing the lens part with a band.

You can store it in your usual bag.

In this way it is no longer necessary to lower the usual bags and camera bags by two.

Miggo and the camera are fixed with a tripod screw hole, but since the fixing screw also has a screw hole, the tripod can also be used as usual.

Since it can be fixed firmly, it will not be removed unless it is torn.

The lens cap tends to get in the way when shooting is also convenient because it has a storage pocket.

It's only 4 steps from storage to shooting.

It looks like this when wearing and storing Strap & amp; Wrap. Excellent cushioning, heat resistance and cold resistance often used for PC casesNeopreneExcellent fit, used for materials and ski wearLycraMaterial is used and it protects the camera firmly from impact.

When wearing mirrorless single lens, it becomes as follows.

Grip & amp; Wrap is wrapped around the wrist instead of the neck as shown below, you can tighten the wrist cord and adjust it so that it will not slip out of the wrist.

When attached to a DSLR, it looks like this.

It can not be used for large cameras such as Nikon D4 or bridge cameras (digital fixed type fixed with electronic viewfinder and digital camera), and condenser.

The digital single lens reflex camera corresponds to the one with a horizontal width of 14 cm and mirrorless single lens with a width of 12 cm.

Attaching a large lens such as a telephoto lens can not cover it when it is stored, so be careful.

Whether or not the camera and lens on hand are covered completely with miggo can be examined by wrapping around the lens and the body around the body with a strap and measuring the length as follows.

Mirrorless single eye is measured in length of pimp from 22 cm to 36 cm, digital single lens reflex is from 30 cm to 50 cm.

In addition, you can get one "Grip & amp; Wrap" that lowers from the wrist of miggo with a contribution of 35 dollars (about 3600 yen), and if you invest 40 dollars (about 4000 yen) you will lower from the head of miggo "Strap & amp; Wrap You can get one. Color can be selected from the following 7 colors. Shipping is planned around June 2014, shipping to the outside of the United States requires a separate $ 15 (about 1500 yen). The deadline of investment is Japan time by 2:14 am on March 3, 2014 (Monday).

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