Announced that Wikipedia legally supports editors who were sued by politicians


A 23 - year - old lawyer trainee, Dimitris Liourdis, is accused of writing on Wikipedia regarding Greek 's Representative Theodore Katsanevas and is charged with punishment and compensation. In response to this, the Wikimedia Foundation, which manages Wikipedia, announces on his blog that it is legal and financial support for Mr. Liourdis's case as contrary to "Freedom of Expression".

Wikimedia Foundation supports Wikipedia user subject to defamation lawsuit in Greece - Wikimedia blog

Wikipedia mounts courtroom defense for editor sued by politician | Ars Technica

Greek politician Theodore KatsanevasGreek version WikipediaA lawsuit filed against Mr. Dimitris Liourdis, a 23-year-old attorney trainee, Editor's "Diu" as his own article written in Wikipedia is libelous. The Wikimedia Foundation announced that it is "an article deemed to be appropriate in the Greek Wikipedia community" and attorneys Mr. Liourdis to protect the freedom of speech and apply lawyer's expenses support program I will.

Katsanevas in GreeceAndreas PapandreouIt is the son-in-law of former prime minister. The problem is that former Prime Minister Papandreou who died expresses Mr. Katsanevas as "a shame of family" that uses me (Mr. Papandreou) due to political ambition " That it was written in the article of Wikipedia.

However, the comment of "family shame" is not only Wikipedia, but also Greek news organizations and ItalianCoriele della Serra,America'sSan Francisco ChronicleYaChicago TribuneMichelle Paulson, a lawyer at the Wikimedia Foundation commented, "This is an unfair lawsuit that threatens freedom of speech, and Katsanevas hopes to reconsider the lawsuit."

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Ars TechnicaI interviewed Mr. Liourdis via email. According to Mr. Liourdis, Mr. Paulson gave the judge the basic mechanism of Wikipedia and "If written in a reliable source, even if Liourdis deletes the problematic text, another editor Although it explained that it is impossible to completely delete in order to recover, the judge did not listen to the explanation and instructed Mr. Liourdis to delete the sentences of the problem, so I did so And that. However, as Paulson attorney pointed out, the other editor performed Revert (rewinding to the previous version), so the description of the "family shame" has been restored in the article.

In a blog post informing that the Wikimedia Foundation announced that he will support Liourdis, comments on Mr. Katsanevas are continuing to increase,Theodore Katsanevas"English version of the article has been created. Also in the Greek version Wikipedia community and the Greek version Wikipedia's top pageExplanatory articles on this matterA link to Katsanevas was set up and the problem of Mr. Katsanevas became known all over the world.


Deliberations on preliminary injunction related to "removing" the corresponding text from Wikipedia articles will be held on March 11, 2014. Katsanevas is requesting Mr. Liourdis about 200 thousand euros (about 28 million yen), and if the case goes without delay, it will be settled in 2016.

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