Super super-discount smartphone with less than 3000 yen will be announced

CommoditizationAlthough cheaper TVs are appearing one by one, waves of commoditization may be on the smart phone as well. The world's largest mobile phone trade fair to be held in Barcelona, ​​Spain on February 24th and 25th in local time "Mobile World Congress (MWC)At the press conference, a cheap smartphone of $ 25 (about 2600 yen) was announced.

$ 25 Smartphones on Firefox OS to Rock MWC | EE Times

We announced a cheap smartphone that is less than 3000 yen,Firefox OSMozilla and Chinese electronics manufacturers to developSpreadtrum. The two companies will collaborate to develop an ultra-low-priced smartphone of $ 25 (about 2600 yen) and plan to put it in the market in 2015.

Spreadtrum has a style of designing electronic components without having a factory in their own company and making them by another companyFablessHowever, MWC simultaneously announced the entry chipset SC6821 corresponding to W-CDMA, developed for the realization of this $ 25 smartphone. Spreadtrum said cheap smartphone is 3.5 inches (HVGA) Touch Screen LCD · Bluetooth · FM Radio · Camera function is installed, and Firefox OS is adopted as OS.

Spreadtrum vice president Diana Jobin said that "25 dollars (about 2600 yen) smartphones will target users who have smartphones for the first time in emerging countries and so on." Android OS accounts for nearly 80% of the worldwide smartphone OS market, and Firefox's share is less than 1%. However, Firefox OS is supposed to operate comfortably with 1 GB of memory · 2 GB of storage, and there is an advantage that memory and storage can be consumed with a small capacity compared with other mobile terminal OS.

Here is a ZTE smartphone with the latest Firefox OS version 1.3. Although it is not so high spec of 1.2GHz Snapdragon 200 and 512MB memory, you can see that it is crispy moving.

Firefox OS 1.3 on the ZTE Open C at MWC 2014 - YouTube

While the smartphone market is expected to expand even further on a global scale in the future, it is certain that the development competition of smarter phones at lower prices will glow. With the super-discount smartphone announced this time, a low price smartphone called "price 25 dollars"benchmarkIt seems that it can be said that it was set.

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