It turns out that Dyson aims at robot manufacturing that can be thought and seen similarly to human beings

ByChen Yixi

Google acquired 7 robot companiesOr,The world's first robotic walking support machine will be developed with a 3D printerRobot business is gaining attention as a new business. Meanwhile, we developed the cyclone vacuum cleaner for the first time in the worldDysonTo invest 5 million pounds (about 853 million yen) to establish a new robot research facility.

BBC News - Dyson invests £ 5m in robotic vision lab with Imperial

According to BBC, Dyson headquartered in the UK, which has developed innovative products such as cyclone vacuum cleaners with no suction power and fans without blades,Imperial College LondonWe invest about 5 million pounds (about 853 million yen) at the robot research institute in Nagoya, and we aim to manufacture robots with the ability to think and recognize space at the same level as human beings.

ByAndrew Crump

Dyson has been conducting research on robots in collaboration with Imperial College since 2005, and by establishing a new research facility with this investment, we will start full-fledged robot development. Dyson's research mainly focuses on domestic robots and is also looking at the development of robot vacuum cleaners.

"People of our generation have long dreamed of the world of robots in which many robots are active by 2014. Although there are plenty of technologies that can develop robots, robots are considered at the same level as human beings It is not yet realized to visually recognize things, etc. If we believe that a robot can have the same level of thinking and spatial recognition capabilities as humans, we believe that our lives will be more convenient. " Dyson's founder who tells BBCJames DysonMr.


Dyson previously developed a robot vacuum cleaner prototype called DC 06, but it did not actually sell it. Since then, LGHome bot· IRobot'srumbaRobot vacuum cleaners such as Dyson has also appeared, Dyson will also enter the robotic vacuum cleaner market in the future, will also focus on the development of domestic robots other than vacuum cleaners.

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