Samsung unveils comparative CM of smartphones and tablets that directly challenge Apple products

British appliance manufacturer ·DysonWithLitigation battle over vacuum cleanerIt is Samsung entering into, but it is announced in the USAGALAXY Note 3WhenGalaxy Tab Pro 10.1In the CM, Apple'sIPhone 5sWhenIPad AirI am challenging straight from the front.

Samsung goes back to trashing Apple with latest commercials | The Verge

It is possible to check on what kind of commercial it is CM from the following movie.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - LeBron James - YouTube

A picture that starts with a composition showing the difference in screen size. At the bottom of the screen is a sentence that "It is an actual display image".

What is appointed to CM is one of NBA's star playersLeBron Jamesis. The display of GALAXY Note 3 is approximately 5.7 inch Full HD super organic EL with resolution 1920 × 1080 pixels, and in the CM it is accompanied by narration that "Lebron's dunk is what you want to see on the full HD screen?"

The display of one iPhone 5s is a 4 inch Retina display with a resolution of 1136 x 640. The impression which is obviously differentiated from GALAXY Note 3 which decides the dunk is a bitter narration that "Lebron may go somewhere", too.

Furthermore, "GALAXY Note 3 is a narration that incorporates a convenient stylus pen in the main body".

"There is no stylus on" other "smartphones, this will only cover GALAXY Note 3".

"Cut out Lebron only with a stylus like this ... ...."

"If you let it jump to the top of the clouds, it may not come back to the earth anymore!" Ikeike's narration.

"And let's send it to your friends with a mail and let us know the coolness of LeBron."

Comparative photograph that "You can do something different like this". Here too, the display of "actual display image" is proudly CM.

One of the following is the CM of Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. I used a pencilIPad Air CMIt has become a motif.

Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 - Multitasking, redefined - YouTube

About the pencil in the Apple version CM, there is a narration called "It's as simple as possible, there is an endlessly powerful tool that you can start writing poetry and writing Symphony if you use it" However, in the Samsung version it is clear that it is "as simple and infinitely simple ...... it is messed up, writing schedule ...... can scoff out at golfing time" as the theme of the Apple version CM. When it is blatant up to here, it becomes interesting in reverse.

"Wait a moment ... .... Oh, it's an iPad Air?"

"What is this ...? ...? Oh, it's Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, which is becoming even thinner!" And the narration of Norinori. The thickness of the iPad Air is 7.5 mm, whereas the Galaxy Tab Pro is 7.3 mm, slightly thinner finished.

It becomes 2560 × 1600 pixels, and it surely appeals for iPad Air's resolution exceeding 2048 × 1536 pixels without fail.

And, it is better than the iOS product "MultitaskingI will show the selling point of. IPad Air and othersIOS 7Although some multitasking is also possible on adopted machines, here it seems to mean what makes it possible to operate on two screens like the next picture.

Galaxy Tab Pro can create mail while watching movies. This is a feature not found in iOS 7.

The movie ends with the narration "I will bring you a pencil with Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 ... ...."

This comparative advertising method is widely used in the United States, and although only Samsung did not produce a CM which passed through, it is interesting content which is hard to see in Japan.

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