The happening that happened when trying to photograph a penguin with a camera set on an egg

Wild penguin shooting seems to be done in a special way, it is one way to shoot with built-in spy camera in egg. I was able to shoot by accident with such a special method "The moment when a bird steals an egg from a penguin flockThe image ofJohn Downer ProdHas published it on YouTube.

Amazing! Bird steals egg camera & film penguin colony from the air - YouTube

One egg that was left behind and left behind in the herd of penguins.

A camera is set on this egg, so we will observe the behavior of penguin herds.

The angle from the camera looks something like this. A penguin and a kind of hawk come closer ... ...

I kick the eggs with a leg with a concon. It seems pretty cautious.

While kicking, the egg began to descend a loose slope.

The bird runs and chases eggs and goes into a group of penguins.

The penguin who noticed the rolling egg ......

I will approach the egg with tough and penguin runs.

Looking at the penguin from the camera looks something like this. The yellow bulge on the eyes stands out.

Penguin fiddling eggs with beak.

A bird intrudes into a place where a penguin fiddles an egg.

Penguins are gone, birds hang their eggs on their nails ... ...

I flew to the sky with an egg.

The camera was shooting firmly when the bird was flying with eggs.

The shooting location is "Penguin colonyThere are only a few penguins.

As birds flew over the penguin for a while, they had eggs and the balance was bad, and it quickly became low-flying.

Break the balance in the air ......

I dropped an egg. Here the first image ends here.

The screen has changed, this time an egg with a spy camera is placed in the grass.

A bird lands next to an egg.

This time the face looks like a red bird.

If you mess with eggs with a beak ... ...

Suddenly the same type of bird penetrated from the side. Birds that were near the egg first are driven away.

The birds that were on the side of the egg first sidetracked and the birds who came later fiddling the eggs.

As birds fiddled the eggs for a while, the egg began to roll down the slope just like the previous picture.

Two birds chasing the falling eggs in a hurry.

Eggs happen by chance in penguins.

A lot of penguins came near the egg.

The penguin pierces the egg with a beak, and the movie ends.

John Downer Prod, which has published a movie, not only publishes videos on YouTube but also takes pictures of penguins in various places, its location is in PeruAtacama DesertAndFalkland IslandsIt goes everywhere in the world.

A penguin lined by five friends. It seems that the penguin at the end is being patted.

A stubborn baby penguin with stomach hair.

Penguin lives ruggedly in wasteland. It is quite wild.

Many of these pictures are taken with spy cameras.

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