I have eaten Matsuya's "Akita Nabe menu" clearly conscious of Yoshinoya at a pre-sale store

I aim for the second guyThere is an idiomatic phrase, but the current beef - and - bowl industry is in such a situation, Yoshinoya 's beef suki pot sauceA big hit of 7 million meals in 2 monthsFrom Friday, February 14 (Friday) about 2 months late for receiving a house "Hot hot pot menuIn addition, Matsuya also chases after "Welcome pot menu"We are selling tests at 39 stores nationwide including Osaka, Miyagi, Saitama etc. As I ate the pot menu of Sukiya the other day, I tried to eat the pot menu of Beef Bowl's Three Family, compared with going to Matsuya and pre-selling "Sukiyakinbare menu"When"Tofu Kimchichige set menuI have been eating.

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"Arataka Nabe Menu" was sold at a leading store only during the time zone from 17 o'clock in the evening to 5 o'clock in the morning.

Looking at the ticket machine ... ...

A button and a pop of "Sukiyakin sauce (tax included 580 yen)" and "Tofu Kimchi chi set (580 yen including tax)" were stuck on the side of the ticket machine. I will order it at once.

I handed the ticket to the clerk, the menu arrived in about 10 minutes.

At the time of offering, there was a lid on top of the pot.

Sukiyaki is divided into Yoshinoya's "Beef sukuban set menu"Unlike miso soup, there is no pickles. It is the same with eggs. Although it is a confusing name, Yoshinoya is "Beef Suki-nabe Zen", and if you like a home that is "Sukiyaki set food".

The sukiyaki pot was boiling with the graze. Unlike Yoshinoya · Matsuya, a pot with somewhat high height was used, and I felt that it was the hottest boiling of the three companies.

Solid fuel burns under the pot.

Tofu in the sukiyaki pot is used as a tofu for rice pots.

There are cabbages, shirataki · onions and there is nothing I saw beef at once ......

Beef was sinking at the bottom, because the pot was long vertically. It certainly feels like beef can be eaten at Atsuazu, but it seems a little lonely that you can not see beef when you see it. Unlike Yoshinoya · Sukiya, no udon was contained.

I try to eat it with melted eggs.

Although the seasoning is not "sweet", it is quite a sweet finish when sukiyaki is used. Yoshinoya's beef sukiyakusho uses exclusive somewhat less fatty beef for the saucepan menu, but it feels like I ate the lagoon of the latter two companies The beef itself is the same fatty as the beef and beef bowls It is the impression that is used, you can not deny the feeling of baking finish. Because the heat insulation of the pan is good, beef is pretty hot, but I felt it was boiled down a little.

You can eat beef on rice and eat like a beef bowl, but the seasoning is sweet as a beef bowl.

When vegetables and shirataki put eggs, a different richness will be added.

Tofu has a soft texture that is cheaper than the cotton used in the pots of the preceding two companies. Slightly larger tofu was cooked to the inside and it was hot enough to burn.

Tofu Kimchigija meal is only Kimchi pot and rice, it looks somewhat lonesome for "Zen" menu.

As well as sukiyakin sauce, the tofu Kimuchichige is also cooked pretty well and the smell of kimchi is intense.

In the pot, vegetables such as kimchi and onion are boiled in.

There were as many as 4 pieces of tofu plenty.

Beef was in the bottom of the pan. First of all I will eat it from beef.

The compatibility of a little fat meat with pungent and delicious full of kimchi itself is not bad, but the soup is quite sweet and the seasonings are also dark and hard so it seems to like the people you like, but there seems to be considerable room for improvement I think. Kimchi also felt a crab-like umami.

Because the taste is deep, it is just right to eat with rice.

Kimchi is hard, it also seasoned to suit rice. Where you can have a huge rice crop if you want it.

The plenty of tofu was pretty hot and seasoned, so sweat came out after meals.

Sukiyaki sauce and tofu Kimuchichigezen are currently under examination sale and the official release date is undecided. Because it is an examination sale, there is a possibility that different menus are put out depending on the store, but there seems to be room for improvement considerably in the provision method and seasoning.

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