I tried using "folding handlebar" and "smart parking head" which folds the handle of the bicycle and can be stored in slim

When placing a bicycle in a parking space for a bicycle or in a room, the handlebars protrude beyond the width of the car that inevitably becomes an obstacle. I managed to do this by changing the orientation of the bar by 90 degrees just by opening and closing the release leverSmart parking head"You can fold in and out the left and right bar"Folding handlebar"is. I actually installed it on a bicycle and used it to see how smart parking would be possible.

DOPPELGANGER® [Doppelganger] bicycle brand smart parking head DHS117-BK

DOPPELGANGER® [Doppel Ganger] Bicycle Brand Folding Handlebar DHB 086 - BK DHB 086 - SL

◆ Smart parking head

"Smart parking head" arrived in such cardboard.


It is wrapped in vinyl.

Take out the contents, instructions, body (with shim × 2), top cap × 1. Body is black as base and orange color as it is color, material is aluminum alloy used.

Viewed from the side. There is an orange quick release bar that fixes and releases the handle.

On the other side is a DOPPELGANGER logo and a quick release bar tightening nut.

The fixed part of the handlebar uses orange parts. It is finished to matte texture rather than shiny metallic feeling overall.

Viewed from the top.Fork columnThe holes to fix are different from ordinary ... ...

As written "TURN 90 °", the handle is rotating mechanism. Column diameter corresponds to 28.6 mm.

Compared with the iPhone 5, this is about this size.

Weight was measured 335 g with head cap included.

The bicycle used this time is a cross bike type.

I will assemble it as per instructions.

Installation of smart parking head is completed!

Looking from the front like this. At first glance it is an ordinary cross bike.

There is no problem even if you push it firmly.

To fold and store the handle slim, hold down the button on the quick release bar ... ....

If you pull it toward you, you will be able to rotate the handle 90 degrees to the right in this way.

Looking from the front like this. It became very slim as the width of the handle is gone.

Even if there is only a tight space such as a tightly-stayed bicycle on both sides, it is possible to park the car if it has the same width as the car body without forcibly opening the space.

When living in a multi-family residence such as an apartment, there are cases where the bicycle parking lot is narrow or there is no bicycle parking space in the first place, and there are cases that must be kept in the hall or in the room, but in the case of the smart parking head the handlebar protrudes sideways There is no storage space can be reduced by a little. Actually using it seems that "The handlebar was taking such a place so much".

It is a little troublesome to need fine adjustment because it does not return to its original position when returning the 90 ° bent handle, but it is advantageous that you can use diverted handlebar as it is now. In addition, although this time we attach top priority to trying, we need to adjust more tightly when actually using it, please refer to the following page and install it.

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◆ Folding handlebar

Next I will attach a folding handlebar of type with handle.


DHB 086 - BK (sand black silver) of the main body wrapped in packing material and instruction manual came out. The color is developed in two colors with DHB 086 - SL (polished silver).

The folding handlebar looks something like this, this is a collapsed state.

When you unfold it by raising the orange quick release bar, it looks like this.

There are two movable nuts under the bar.

If you move the nut outwards you can bend the handle and you can fix it straight if you pull it inward.

Weight is 605 g by actual measurement.

So, remove the smart parking head from the cross bike ...

Set of folding handlebars is completed. This replacement work is a little troublesome. This time I got a bit struggling without grip, but it will be easy to remove if you wear it on hot water for a while.

How to fold the handlebar of the folding handlebar can be checked from the following movie.

When folding the handle of "DOPPELGANGER's" folding handlebar ", it feels like this - YouTube

To collapse the handle from the normal state, first raise the click release bar to open it.

Just pull the handle outward with both hands and move the middle nut outward.

Then just squeeze the hand holding the handle inside. With light force the handle aligns in the same direction as the car body.

Finally, lower the bar and fix it. The impression that there is little power in raising and lowering the bar.

Looking at the bicycle in this state from the front like this. It looks like an unicycle.

When looking at the handlebar in the folded state from above, it seems that it is such a form from the beginning. However, you can not drive in this condition.

I went to the parking space immediately and tried it. Since the fixed place of the front wheels are installed at the same interval, it is usually the case that you have to go forward to shake the steering wheel to the right and left to separate the bicycles on both sides.

Since the parking spaces of everywhere are usually about the same distance, the bicycles on both sides will inevitably come into contact with each other, forcing them to park, and feeling a lot of stress.

However, when folding the folding handlebar ......

The hardship until a while ago, like a lie, I could push it in and it never hits the right and left bicycle. It is the same when taking out.

Since "folding handlebar" has to remove all parts from the original handlebar, if it does not know its own way it will take quite a lot of time, but once you install it, folding the handle is too easy, it is in a hurry Handle storage can be done even without problems.

In addition, the price of Amazon now is "smart parking head" including tax 5305 yen, "folding handlebar" is 6300 yen including tax.

Amazon.co.jp: DOPPELGANGER (Doppelganger) Variable type ahead stem smart parking head DHS117-BK 【Ideal for space-saving space for bicycle parking】 Corresponding to column diameter φ 28.6 mm 【One-touch easy operation】 Made in lightweight aluminum alloy made in Taiwan: Sports & amp ; Outdoor

Amazon.co.jp: DOPPELGANGER (doppelganger) folding handlebar DHB 086-BK black tool unnecessary folding handle column φ 28.6 aluminum alloy made: sports & outdoor

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