"Drinkmotizer" that makes cocktails with my own microcomputer and various devices

When you ordered a cocktail with a bar etc, you can enjoy enjoying the cocktail bartender's movement and handwork, but make such cocktail making your own microcomputer kitArduinoAnd an automatic cocktail machine built up by combining various power devices "Drinkmotizer"is.

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The Drinkmotizer actually moves and a cocktailLong Island · Ice TeaHere is the movie making it. You can see how alcohol is poured into the glass.

Drinkmotizer - the drink mixing robot platform - YouTube

First we set the glass on the table.

Alcohol is poured from the second bottle from the left.

Even though the person standing to the left does nothing, the glass moves to the right and another liquor is poured.

A lot of water or soda is poured from the last tube. The "Long Island · Ice Tea" that I am making this time should not be divided much by soda or water, but is the taste okay?

A man who is looking at the face of "How?"

The glass came back at hand.

It will look something like this when you go to the GIF animation until the glass goes back.

I tried drinking, saying "It is the best to make this way" ......

I seemed to have become somewhat watery, because I put too much soda. I failed a bit.

Cabe Atwell created this Drinkmotizer. What motivated it was the movement of "lathes" used for metal processing and the like.

It seems that it started from "I wonder what will happen if you put the can of juice on this moving table?"

The power to move the platform is the same as the latheBall ScrewWe made it possible to realize fine movement using.

Parts of each part are handmade. First, draw a design drawing of the base part of the glass holder ......

Using a machine tool, scrape out of metal clumps.

Here is a bottle holder that supports the bottle of liquor upside down.

This part has been cut out from resin.

The frame structure of the main body drawn in the drawing is like this ...

It will become like this as you go up. Ball screw mechanism is already built in the base part.

The bottle holder shaved out from the resin finally became such a figure.

This is a metal fitting that attaches to water and soda bottles to serve as a chaser.

In the metal fittings, two holes were drilled, each of which was fitted with parts for passing the pipe.

Where it is attached to a bottle

The compressed carbon dioxide is sent through the attached blue tube so that the liquid at that pressure is poured into the glass.

A lot of bottles full of frustration.

Bottle holders are given the letters and serial numbers of "BOTTLE MODULE", and somehow it has a wonderful atmosphere.

When you turn to the back of the main unit, there is such a sight.

Also equipped with a valve mechanism to control the compressed air sent to the chaser bottle.

A small touch display is installed beside the main body, and you can make your favorite things from a preset cocktail.

When friends gather, it seems to be exciting if there is this.

The basis of this Drinkmotizer is the open source microcomputer boardArduinoIn the GUI, the programming language "PythonIt is a library forTkinterIt seems to be using.

In the part that shoots alcohol from the bottle, the motor used for the auto lock of the car door is diverted.

This Drinkmotizer is not yet complete, and the producer Atwell says that if time and money are left over, he wishes to advance the following customization.
· Improved touch screen.
Improvement of bottle module. I want to be able to measure a smaller amount and make it "hot swappable" which allows bottles to be exchanged even during operation.
· I would like to change the drive system of a table to a linear motor that drives force from a ball screw with a magnet. Because you do not have to worry about pinching your fingers, the speed of movement will also improve.
· Sensor that senses the bottle in the bottle module. Look at the label and barcode so that you can detect which alcohol is being installed.

It is a cocktail machine spreading dreams in various ways, but I want you to be careful about drinking too much due to too much trial operation.

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