Card game "Villages" to fight with amateur-like 8-bit illustrations and play villages and play

You can play with 2 to 5 people, enlarge your own territory like a simulation game, fight with other players, etc. Simple rules but not only bargaining and techniques but also elements of luck are exactly considered cards If the game is "Villages"is. The illustration of the card is drawn in 8 bit style and you can play with other players as if you were an adventurer who entered the game.

Villages: a Construct and Conquer Card Game by Fridgecrisis Games - Kickstarter

I can imagine what kind of card game Villages is by looking at the following movie.

The card used in Villages is like this. The edges of the card are colored, and at the bottom are the power and gold of each card.

When playing, shuffle the card first.

Then we will deal 8 cards to each player.

If your turn comes, I will add two cards from the mountain card in play to your hand.

Next, place three or more cards of the same color from your hand and make one "village". You can add cards of the same color as "village" to the places at any time, and you can build up to six "villages" you can build in the venue.

Before you end your turn, you have to "battle" with your opponent's card or discard a card from your hand. At first there is no card in the other party, so discard 1 card and end the turn.

It becomes another player's turn, and the opponent also adds two cards from the battlefield to your hand. At this time, it is OK even if you add cards discarded to play into your hand.

And the other party made "village" in the place.

If there are cards that you want for another player's "village" here, you can apply for one-on-one "battle". Basically, in the case of "battle", we decide the outcome with the number of power written at the bottom of the card. However, each card has its own special ability, so it's not easy to win because it's simply powerful. The ability of this card is "It will definitely win when attacking", so it seems to be optimal for use in attacks.

In the actual "battle" procedure, first put out a card from "hand" or "village" in place. When you put out a card from your hand, you can go out to the battle with your face down.

Players who are challenged for "battle" will choose a card from "village".

It is a game!

If the side who challenged "battle" won the game, hand a card from your hand to the loser ... ....

You can get 1 card in your opponent's village.

Also, discard cards from your hand and return cards from "village" to "battle" to their original place. If the side who challenged "battle" loses nothing happens, only cards from hand are thrown away.

If you do this alternately and the sum of the golds written on the cards on the battlefield exceeds 100 gold, you win, but if no one can collect 100 gold and the mountain bills are gone 1 The player who gathered many golds will win. Villages can play for 2 to 5 people, and seems to take about 30 to 60 minutes to play. If you want to know more detailed rulesHereCan be confirmed from.

You can also see the actual playing from the following movie.

Villages: How to Play - YouTube

Villages is currentlyKickstarterDuring the recruitment of the investment at 5 dollars (about 500 yen), you can get the card data you use in Villages so you can print and play on your own. If you want printed cards of Villages you can get along with card data with a contribution of $ 20 (about 2100 yen), but a separate $ 5 (about 500 yen) is required for delivery to Japan. And if you make a capital of 47 dollars (about 4800 yen), you can get the printed Villages card and Ghost Town's additional card (zombies and vampire cards), which will cost $ 10 (about 1000 yen )will become necessary. In addition, Villages' capital deadline is Japan time and it is until 1:55 am on February 5, 2014.

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