Director Miyazaki Goro challenges TV anime "Bandit's daughter Ronja"

"Tales from Earthsea"Or"From KokurikozakaIt is clear that Mr. Goro Miyazaki, known by the film director, will oversee the anime "Bandit's daughter Ronja" scheduled to broadcast from the fall of 2014. Director Miyazaki will be the first TV anime challenge.

NHK Animation World Bandit Bandit daughter Ronha

Directed by Miyazaki Goro, a new work at NHK! Ghibli jump out Musha training: Entertainment: Sports report

The original is Astrid Lindgren, a children's literary writer known for "long clothing pippi". Theater is a majestic forest spreading in the medieval European world. Bandit Mattis lives in a huge castle in the forest, with his colleagues pouring love into his or her daughter Lonea and raising it. Mysterious creatures are living in the forest, Lonia sometimes borrows help, sometimes with their own power, wears the technique of living in the forest. In such a circumstance, Lyona is to fulfill a fateful encounter with a boy named Biruk.

According to Toshio Suzuki who is a producer of Studio Ghibli and who was responsible for the title of this work, this work was also considered at several times in Ghibli. Although Mr. Goro Miyazaki will serve as a director this time, Studio Ghibli is in the position of production cooperation, and it seems that Mr. Miyazaki's father, Hayao Miyazaki, is not particularly involved. Mr. Suzuki advised me to produce, I commented that "Gori gets off from Ghibli and his father's source and what can I do with it?" I am interested in that one point.

Here is the original, the translation is known by the translation of the Lindgren workYuzo OtsukaMr. The target audience is from fourth grade to fifth grade in elementary school.

Bandit of the Lonea

Director Miyazaki commented, "From children to adults, I am aiming for a work that you can enjoy with everyone."

In addition, the series composition is "Mobile New Century Gundam X" "Heavenly"Hiroyuki Kawasaki, Animation production is "Star Wars: Clone Wars" "Transformers Prime"Polygon · PicturesI will serve you. Broadcasting is a BS premium and started from the fall of 2014.

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