What is the future of Nintendo's phantom game that was bidding for about 10 million yen?

Nintendo's phantom game that was awarded at the highest amount ever recorded as 99 thousand dollars (about 10 million yen) on January 25 local time "Nintendo World ChampionshipsHowever, after the bidding successfully, the people who knew the value of the game are exhibiting to the auction which is never ever made. On the other hand, the winning bidder of the game awarded at about 10 million yen actually did not purchase the game, as many auctions of Nintendo World Championships are being carried out, how much is the real value of the game, Attention has gathered.

After $ 100,000 bid, 3 more rare Nintendo World Championship carts surface | Ars Technica

This gray cartridge was sent out. The label was peeled off, it was pretty crumbly.

Nintendo World ChampionshipsIs a software for Nintendo made by Nintendo in the United States, it is now known as the most rare cassette because only 116 are made in total. 90 of the 116 pieces have the same name "Nintendo World Championships"The gray cartridges dealt to the semi-finest narrers in the tournament, the remaining 26 golden cartridges are the winners of the tournamentNintendo PowerIt is distributed to winners of the magazine 's contest. It was a gray cartridge that was awarded on January 25, but golden cartridges have been worth more than 2.5 million yen in the auction in the past.

But the next day when I was bidding for 10 million yen, the cartridge in better condition thanBidding for $ 17,500 (about 1.8 million yen). It was Collector's Mark & ​​Matt Nolan brothers who got the cartridge.

The game is actually playable.

Also, apart from that, two of the golden cartridges and gray cartridges are currently being auctioned on eBay,The gray version exceeds 10,000 dollars (about 1 million yen), Even though there are no labels leading to the golden versionPrice of $ 91,000 (about 9.3 million yen) or moreIt is attached.

This is a golden cartridge with a value of 9.3 million yen or more.

Also, although the buyer did not attend, the controller made for the game competition was also sent for $ 4,700 (about 500,000 yen).

It was the first time that cartridges that were made only 116 in total were put into the auction so much. This is the first time that the amount of 100,000 dollars (about 10 million yen) was offered for one game, it seems to be because it attracted attention from many media. However, seller Stephen saidWhat you wrote in the NintendoAge forumAccording to, the winning bidder declined purchase as "2-year-old son was bidding at a high price before it knew". Because other bidders were also available, Stephen can give the game software at an appropriate amount, but now there are many more similarly good software on the auction, so Stephen's software with no label The prospect of being bought at a higher price than others is likely to be low.

Bidders are unlikely to raise prices unusually, and attention is necessary because cakra and mischievous possibilities for attracting attention are also high, but on the other hand, attention is paid as "worth 10 million yen" As a result of collecting items, if the product is awarded to a collector that actually has plenty of money, it will be worth 10 million yen. Many people think that "Nintendo World Championships are not worth 10 million yen", but for collectors it is certainly worth at least several million yen. As it is the same as art, it is enough to consider the situation that "value is given to what is said to be worthy", so nowadays where the price of golden cartridges that are currently worth more than 9 million yen is worrisome.

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