"Chess 2: The Sequel" to enjoy chess with a new interpretation adds new frames & new rules to make chess a novel game

Chess is a very drawn game, and because it has already been studied, it is sometimes subject to evaluation that it is a boring game. A game that makes such chess more exciting with a new interpretation "Chess 2: The Sequel"Trailer movie has been released.

Chess 2: The Sequel - Ludeme Games

Chess 2: The launch trailer that shows the state of the game of The Sequel (C2S) is here.

Chess 2: The Sequel OUYA Launch Trailer - YouTube

C2S isOUYAWith dedicated game software, game designSuper Street Fighter II Turbo HD RemixKnown for its designDavid SirlinMr.

It is a news blog for gamersKotakuIt is said that C2S is "game more like chess than chess".

The new rule that C2S brought to chess is "six sets". This used "King" "Queen" "Bishop" "Knight" "Luke" "Pawn" which are orthodox chess piecesClassictype.

And new pieces such as Jungle Queen, Tiger, Wild Horse, Elephant will serve as a substitute for Queen, Bishop, Knight and Luke, respectivelyAnimals.

There are two king instead of the queenTwo Kings.

Using a frame called Nemesis instead of QueenNemesistype. Nemesis can only be stabbed with opponent's kingGoddess of retaliationis.

As a price to restrict the movement of the Queen to the same as King, we raised the movements of Knight, Bishop, Luke equivalent to QueenEmpowered.

In the end Queen, Luke can become a reaper, ghost which can freely move its own teamReaper.

The C2S can not only select the military force from among six, but also "MIDLINEThere is also a big feature in that the military boundary line called "the military border line" is set up.

In C2S, there is a new rule stipulating that if King kills MIDLINE and intrudes into the enemy, victory will be won.

The King who aims at the enemy base is obviously accompanied by the risk of being checkmated, but once you cross the borderline, the victory will be confirmed, so it is expected that the development will advance to aim for MIDLINE. The bargain of high risk high return makes the game more exciting.

This is a gaze from the Two Kings camp. If one of the two kings crosses MIDLINE it will win. However, if one of them dies, it is a double-edged sword called defeat.

C2S can play online online, and there is also a tutorial to carefully explain the rules.

It also supports online updates, perhaps a new type of force may be added.

Although the release date of Chess 2: The Sequel is undecided, it seems that it will be officially announced in the future that is not far from the completion of beautiful graphic trailer movies. By registering C2S rules, user registrationOfficial siteIt is possible to download it for free from Chess enthusiasts, so downloading it and trying a new interpretation chess seems to be good.

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