Comic size compact 7 inch tablet "AQUOS PAD" haste movie & photo review

A tablet that is finished to a compact size than a comic book by thinning the frame while loading a 7.0 inch display is "AQUOS PAD"is.

Au 2014 Spring All 5 unique lineups with unique individualities such as Japan's first curved surface smartphone and the world's largest & amp; thinnest smartphone appear! | 2014 | KDDI CORPORATION

Arrived at Touch & Try corner of AQUOS PAD, people are crowded.

Here, four AQUOS PADs are displayed side by side, and it appealed the narrowness of the bezel.

This is AQUOS PAD. The display is about 7.0 inches, the resolution is 1920 × 1200, the CPU is 2.2 GHz quad core, the memory is 2 GB, the main body capacity is 16 GB, the OS is equipped with Android 4.2.

The main body size is 173 mm long × 104 mm wide × 9.9 mm thin, compact than the comic book.

It's about this if you have it in hand, weighs about 263 grams.

The bezel is narrow, and the display is displayed to every corner of the main body.

I found a logo of au and about 2,100,000 pixel in camera at the bottom of the display.


Here is the main camera with approximately 13.1 million pixels and an F value of 1.9.

Antenna · earphone jack · power button · microSD card slot and SIM card slot on the top surface from the left.

When opening with Pakari, there are slots of microSD card and SIM card.

MicroUSB port on the bottom.

The left and right sides look like this.

When I stretch the antenna, it looks something like this ......

It seems to be one for watching One Seg and Full Seg with AQUOS PAD.

For AQUOS PAD, you can use an application that can exchange data in cooperation with "Passtock" smartphone. Because data exchange between AQUOS PAD and smartphone is done using Wi-Fi direct, Passtock can be used even in places where radio waves do not enter.

Using Passtock, you can send various pages and links such as web pages, photos, movies, maps, etc. you saw on AQUOS PAD to your smartphone with one touch. The smartphone that can be linked with Passtock application is expected to be a terminal equipped with Android 4.2 or later OS.

I tried to link data with smartphones at "Passtock" - YouTube

Furthermore, if you tap a phone number with AQUOS PAD, the phone application of the linked smartphone is activated, and the phone is ready with one button.

I tapped the phone number while browsing the web with AQUOS PAD - YouTube

In the exhibition spaceAu + 1 collectionThere was also an AQUOS PAD equipped with a cover dedicated to be released from.

When you close the cover it will look something like this.

AQUOS PAD will be released late February 2014.

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