It turns out that 750,000 spam mails are using refrigerator, TV, home router, etc.

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Security company'sProofpointIn recent years, it has been found that malicious spam mails are being sent from home appliances such as televisions and refrigerators. Spam mail is sent using home appliances other than PCs is a trend of cyber attacks that have never been before. As smart devices are becoming popular, both companies and users need to be aware of it there is.

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Researchers investigated between December 23, 2013 and January 6, 2014, and as a result, 25% of the cyber attacks that were in the course of time were due to e-mails sent from non-desktop PCs and notebook PCs The number is over 750,000. About 3 cyber attacks occurred per day, about 100,000 mails were sent per case. Of the transmitted e-mails, there were 450,000 messages sent from a specific IP address, and over 100,000 messages were sent from "IoT (Internet of Things)", that is, digital devices connected to a desktop PC or laptop It is said that it is. Most of these e-mails are from routers andNASThere was a considerable number of mails sent from home appliances that had not been used until now, although they were being sent from network devices like.

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The points other than the above found by the investigation are as follows.

· Linux servers are built in quite a few devices (many areBusyBoxBy
· Some using mini-httpd or apache were also seen
·MIPS architectureYaARM architectureThere are also devices that are using media playersRealtek chipSome built-in
· Some e-mails using game machines exist
· Some NAS devices have Telnet, SSH, SMTP server open brands
·Set top boxIs also one that is easily used for cyber attacks

Such a cyber attack method is a new trend which has not been seen so far, and it is thought that there is a high possibility that damage to companies and users is also high in the future. Because there is a fear that consumer electronics will be used as a tool of cyber attack while the user does not know,RDPIt is important to check the state of the refrigerator from the PC, and in recent years the number of smart devices is increasing, urgent countermeasures by manufacturers are also necessary.

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