95% of ATMs using Windows XP are present and may not be updated soon

ByAlexander Koellner

Windows XP,Support will be discontinued on April 9, 2014So, XP users who are bothering their heads may be a lot. Among them, it is said that most of the ATM equipment operated by banks is running on Windows XP, and it is said that they are currently being chased for response, but in reality the updates can not be received in time It is clear that it is.

ATMs Face Deadline to Upgrade From Windows XP - Businessweek

Security Intelligence Report (SIR) vol. 15

According to Robert Johnstone, marketing director at NCR, the largest ATM sales company in the United States, more than 95% of the ATMs operating around the world are using Windows XP for OS, support on April 9, 2014 We are facing the necessity of upgrade work to the end. Since Windows XP Embedded, which is an operating system for embedded devices, is supported until the early 2016, banks using these OSs are given a grace for a while.

In the data published by Microsoft, it is said that Windows XP is more likely to be infected with malware than other OSs, and if support is aborted, it is expected that this tendency will become stronger if it is further strengthened, so security is regarded as important It is not desirable to use it with ATM.

This graph shows the ratio of meeting malware (right graph) and the ratio of infecting malware (left graph). You can see that the infection rate of Windows XP is higher than that of other OS.

There are about 420,000 ATMs in the United States, but since the onboard OS has an overwhelming majority as well as the global trend, Windows XP selects Windows 7 as the upgrade OS from Windows XP, I am in the process of updating. However, there are ATMs that can be upgraded online, and upgrading is delayed because there are many older machines that actually require technicians to work in front of the equipment.

Also, some ATMs contain older devices that are used for more than 20 years, and many of these devices can not be upgraded to Windows 7 due to lack of specifications, in that case not only the OS It is necessary to replace the machine itself, resulting in costs of several thousand dollars (hundreds of thousands of yen) per ATM. Microsoft has sold Extended Technical Support Agreement for XP to some banks, for example JP Morgan Chase Bank has purchased extension support for one year, so we will start switching from Windows 7 to July 2014 It's a schedule.

ByMasaru Kamikura

"The ATM is expected to be delayed from Windows XP compared to many PCs, but such a delay is not unusual in the ATM industry," said Kara's CEO Arabida Carrara of ATM Software, We are clarifying our prospect that only up to 15% of all ATMs will be upgraded by the deadline.

Dean Stewart, an ATM manufacturing company's DBD official said, "Even if support expires on support due to the deadline, ATM will continue to function, but it will be weaker against unauthorized attacks." I will. Even if there is an unauthorized attack, the account balance of the customer is guaranteed by the bank.

Regarding termination of support of Windows XP, it has been clarified from over a year ago, and also in the past,Year 2000 ProblemGiven the fact that you have been pressed for the necessity of updating your system, the situation that you are being used to updating the system just before the end of support, even if it is said that lessons learned in the past are not useful is.

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