Flow chart "The Photography Flowchart" which summarizes all necessary judgments until pressing the camera shutter

The camera function of the mobile phone became generalized and the opportunity for people who did not take pictures to take pictures also increased, but in order to take a good picture, every decision is necessary before pressing the shutter button, "This The picture taken after getting confident that you can go "should be a piece of everything. That's why CLICKittyCAT.com summarizes the process of thinking that should be done before taking a good photo.

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What is on CLICKittyCAT.com is in English. You can see the flow chart of translating the translation with permission from the following.

So I will actually use the flowchart. Beginning with the question "Do you have a camera?", You are asked about the possession of the battery, the presence or absence of charging, etc. If you answered "I can not charge it", I ended the flowchart with "Please do not find another hobby!" Let's find another hobby quietly.

When charging is perfect, I will answer the question as to whether the camera moves, how to use it, how to use it is difficult. As I was asked if I was bad, I was asked "How do you know how to use?" When answering "No" I answered "I listen to it again" but " "Second question.

"So, how did you know how to use?" When answering "I understood", the next question is "Do you still want to take pictures?" If you give up here the game will end.

I thought that "I want to take pictures yet!", As I go forward, "Are you planning to upload it to the net?" "A picture of lunch," "A picture of the sunset?" "A picture of a cat you keep?" "In the garden Is not it a snow pile of furniture being placed? " And when answering all of them, after all, it seems that what you wanted to take was wanting to hear that "It feels so messy?"

Have you ever seen it as having a tremendously nice subject? The question is made. If you answer "no", you are asked "Are you misunderstood?" And answered "Not misunderstood" and it is "Bossari" going to the museum.

I admit it obediently that it is a subject I have seen before. If you answer "No" to the question "Do you think you can shoot well?", It means "You do not expect much though, but do not expect much", so even if you put it on Facebook, it is overknown that you can press "Like" button Let's not have expectations.

I will answer "Yes" to the question "Do you think you can shoot well?" "Selective colorThe picture? "Is it too clear?"WatermarkIs not it necessary to display a big display? If you answer the question "Are you OK" or "I do not need" to the question "Is it OK to finish processing with Photoshop?" Asked. If we lose confidence here, as before, we will end up with results like "You can take pictures, but do not think it will be a very nice picture."

However, if you reply with confidence that "here's okay, no problem", chances are that there will be a chance to make a shutter happen.

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