"Toothbrushing?" And digital cartoon "Mother" that records and notifies until sleeping state

As for mothers themselves, mothers are better able to grasp than their owners if they do getter to characters, likes and dislikes, and habits. Like a mother like that, a smart device that detects everything around the user's body, records whether you have brushed your teeth properly, monitors the room temperature, and records the sleep cycle "Mother"is.


This is Mother, the size is 160 mm long x 90 mm wide and weighs 450 g.

In order to use Mother, you need to connect the main unit to the network.

And use it with Mother This is a multipurpose sensor Motion Cookies. Motion Cookies with a small and smooth surface have built-in motion sensors and thermometers and can be pasted anywhere. By combining this Motion Cookies and Mother, we can monitor everything around the user and its surroundings.

When actually using it, first select what you want the user to monitor.

For example, to monitor whether "tooth brushing" is properly done, prepare the Motion Cookie on the toothbrush and you are ready.

Even if you are working normally, Motion Cookie detects changes in specific movements and temperature and sends data to Mother, so you can monitor whether you are brushing your teeth properly.

Monitor results can be checked from PC, smartphone, tablet application.

And Mother can also notify the user via the application, so if you tend to skip teeth brushing, you can say a smartphone notification.

Of course, you can also notify by SMS, mail, phone, lights of Mother's main body, etc. other than the application, these are OK if you choose according to importance.

So, what kind of things can actually be monitored, for example, if you carry a Motion Cookie on walking ... ...

It calculates daily momentum and calorie expenditure like this.

Furthermore, if Motion Cookie is attached to something you usually carry around (housekey) ......

You can check your current location with the application.

If you stick to a toothbrush ......

Mother will monitor whether the user is brushing teeth properly.

And when you stick it to the box containing the medicine ... ...

Like a mother, it will monitor "You got your medicine properly?"

If you paste one Motion Cookie in the other room ......

Temperature control in the house is easy with this feeling.

If you attach to a bottle with a drink ......

It also monitors the daily intake of water.

If you put it in the bedroom ......

It is also possible to support sleep cycle recording and morning good awake.

Other than that, how much are you drinking espresso coffee ......

Record the entry and exit of the house and check if the suspicious person is in and out of the house ......

I will inform you of everything if you put Motion Cookie even if you notice that the door of the refrigerator keeps opening.

Mother is planning to deliver in the spring of 2014, and is now accepting pre-orders from the following page. At $ 222 (about 23,000 yen) you can get one set of Mothers and Motion Cookie 4 sets. Please note that delivery to Japan costs 50 dollars (about 5200 yen) separately.

Preorder Mother • Sen.se

By the way, on 2 chances the mother (Kang Chan)J ('- `)"It is expressed in ASCII art of Asia, and it is drawn as existence pouring free love to children. However, "J ('ー`) "of JCP (J) is not Ka-chanMamaAnd it is ridiculous breeding.

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