Online market "Kloomo" that allows you to easily buy and sell second-hand goods of popular products

Although it is the net auction that you can sell things you do not need and cheaply buy what you are in second hand, there are times when the bidding is rushing and the winning bid price will soar, the price will not be stretched at all and will be bid There is. However, the popular product second-hand market online market "KloomoThen, you can buy and sell things at the price desired by both the seller and the buyer.

Kloomo is the marketplace for popular pre-owned products

Kloomo is a service that connects people who have popular products on the street with people who want them.

On the site, the names of various products are listed in a staggered fashion, from which you can search for what you want, or sell something you do not need.

◆ If you want to buy something with Kloomo
If you want to buy something using Kloomo, first click "New York" at the top of the page ... ...

Select a region. As Kloomo also assumes that delivery of goods is done directly, we will first search for the area you want after specifying the area.

Next, search the list for what you want, click the "want" button next to it.

Then, select the state of what you want from "Almost new", "Good", "Very used", and click "Make offer" when you enter the purchase price. The rest is to wait for someone to think that "I want to sell" what you think "I want!" Appears ... ....

◆ If you want to sell something using Kloomo
People who wish to sell something using Kloomo must also select the region first.

Next, find what you want to sell from the top page list and click the "have" button next to it.

Select the state of what you put out for sale from "Almost new", "Good", "Very used", click "List for sale", and the item sells It was decided to be put out.

A blue tab is attached next to the product that was put on sale in this way. The number displayed on the tab shows the number currently being sold, so if you want it quickly, you can issue a purchase request to a tabbed one.

◆ Transaction method
When people want to buy, the "offers" button will be displayed on the list of sellers. In the case of images, it is said that five purchasers went up, and when clicking this button ......

The contents of each offer will be visible. From this screen, consider the price presented by the buyer while considering the state of the product you have sent, click the "More" button if you have a satisfying offer.

Since the contact address of the purchaser is displayed on the next screen ......

Keep in touch with the opponent and establish a deal if you are satisfied with each other.

Since we first selected the area, even if we deliver goods directly by personal delivery OK.

Currently you can get through Kloomo 7 types of tablet, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U. If it is a tablet, a tablet such as iPad · Kindle · Nexus 7 is prepared in the list, and popular software is listed in the item of game hard.

Since we select products from regions, we will list products and make purchase requests, so there are no listings at all or in the absence of purchasers depending on the selected area. However, unlike net auctions, you can buy and sell things without changing the condition you want to sell or the condition you want to buy, so dissatisfaction at the time of trading is likely to be low.

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