When fighting of fighting sports is taken at high speed with 5000 frames per second, like this

MMA fighting sportsUFC,OctagonIt is the world's best mixed martial arts fighting competition that competes for victory or defeat by making use of hitting, throwing techniques and joint techniques at a match place surrounded by a wire mesh called. It was held in Las Vegas, USA in November 2013UFC 167Match gameFOXA movie taken with a special high-speed camera "FOX 'signature Phantom Cam" is released.

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UFC 167: Phantom Cam Highlights - YouTube

"FOX 'signature Phantom Cam" is an ultrahigh-speed camera that can shoot 5000 frames per second, and can catch everything without missing the movement of the fighter.

Because the picture quality is also good, one frame cut out from the movie is like a photo.

The moment the left straight hit.

Fist is stuck in the face.

Overshoot goes into profile of the opponent!

From the reverse angle.

Right hook of counter grip.

Catch the chin ... ...

It is strange that it does not go out, the lower jaw is displaced.

Hold up the opponent ......

It seems to hit the mat ...

Take down! DynamicTakedownIs the real pleasure of martial arts fighting.

Even in this takedown scene, Phantom Cam firmly attached the right hand to the matpassiveWe are catching the appearance of taking.

Right straight.

The moment of hit ......

My right arm is tremendously crooked. Picture unique to slow motion.

In UFC it is OK to beat him.

Clean hit

The other 's blood is on the elbow ......

Precise attack on temple (temporal part).

This is chin.

It is clear that you are thoroughly attacking the vital points.

I will not miss seeing that the aside is open.

Body blow to the lever.

Main event of UFC 167 finally. This is a challenger'sJohnny Hendrix. Motivated and full of Octagon.

This is the champion'sGeorges Saint Pierre(Commonly known as GSP). It is UFC welterweight superstar.

Hendrix who plays the fist without fear of absolute champion GSP.

Artistic take down of GSP. Standing techniques and sleeping techniques, both of which were completed, are said to be said to UNA President Dana White, "The history of mixed fighting sports has advanced 10 years".

GSP right straight.

However, Hendrix of this day, holding down the head of GSP with his right hand ... ...

I will keep placing an intense left hook.

It is difficult to see the appearance of GSP that is hit so far.

After fighting the 5 rounds the game went on to judge. 2-1Split decisionIt was a difficult spree at GSP. A scar on your face tells the intensity of the fight.

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