How to change diet only a little to realize "becoming healthy this year"

ByAlan Cleaver

New Year's drinking and eating tends to send unhealthy eating habits, but a new year begins and a healthy body is necessary to drive into study and work. Extreme restrictions such as "you will never eat sweet things absolutely" or "quit carbohydrate" will soon be frustrated, so you always have to worry about how you can be healthier simply by changing the things you eat a bitHuffingtonPostIt is open to the public.

Smart Food Swaps for a Healthier 2014 | Dr. Lisa Young

◆ 01: take fruit instead of juice


When you want to take something sweet, you may drink juice, but juice has a lot of sugar and less fiber, so choosing more fruit with moisture and fiber is the right choice to lose weight. By eating fresh oranges rather than drinking 500 ml of orange juice, you can save as much as 150 kilocalories. Replacing juice with fruit every day will lead to major changes.

◆ 02: Breakfast is a low fat instead of a donutGreek yogurtTo

BySharyn morrow

Greek yoghurt can maintain a feeling of satiety for a long time with high protein. As donuts are high in calories and not enough for nutrition, it is recommended to replace breakfast with Greek yoghurt and topping with nuts and fruits.

◆ 03: Choose food of whole grain instead of grain which has been refined

There are also ways to remove carbohydrates for a healthy diet and a diet, but basically it is OK not to prohibit cereals or starch. It is important to take the correct type of grain, instead of white rice or white bread / pasta brown rice or oatmeal ·QuinoaLet's take grains that contain a lot of nutrients and dietary fiber.

◆ 04: Do not drink carbonated soft drinks such as Coke, drink water or effervescent mineral water


Carbonated soft drink is a liquid version of candy, it is a mass of sugar. Hundreds of kilocalories can be saved by drinking water or carbonated water instead of carbonated soft drink. When you are unsatisfactory, you can narrow down the fruit juice of lemon or orange, or freeze your favorite juice on an ice making dish and put the ice made in water into flavored water.

◆ 05: eat whole muffin English muffin instead of bagels

ByKatherine Lim

It seems not to change very much, but with this replacement it is possible to save more than 200 kcal. Whole wheat English muffin has only about two fifths of the bagels, so usually choose English muffins and keep bagels for special occasions.

◆ 06: The meal is not deep-fried but taken from the salad


Fill your stomach with vegetables when you eat a nice way to send a healthy diet. Salads and vegetables rich in vitamins and dietary fiber are plentiful in low calorie, high mineral and dietary fiber, so it is perfect for dieting.

◆ 07: Choose tomato based soup instead of cream base soup

ByPeter Hellberg

In the cold season, there are many opportunities to drink warm soup, but the point here is to choose vegetable-based soup and avoid cream series. Vegetable soup with more than 10 kinds of vegetables and minestrone are the best choices.

◆ 08: eat apples and no-oats instead of potato chips

ByRichard Thomas

When you feel lonesome or when your hungry stomach is empty, let's chew fruits instead of potato chips.

◆ 09: Salmon steak instead of meat steak


One way to choose fish instead of meat. By taking grilled salmon instead of grilled meat, you can take more protein and have a low-fat diet. Also included in fishΩ-3 fatty acidLowering cholestrol and neutral fat, not only for dieting it is also good for preventing arteriosclerosis and myocardial infarction.

◆ 10: Desserts are not blueberry pie, eat a cup of blueberry


Blueberries areAntioxidantAnd dietary fiber and nutrients, and low calorie. If you want to eat pie, shred a piece of pie, please serve with plenty of fruits and eat it.

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