It is a mysterious image when you shoot slowly how the water gets repelled or sucking on the magnet

Bubbles breakYaThe cheeks are being slappedLooking at slow motion, sometimes the spectacle which can not be seen in everyday life is spreading. I shoot and publish all kinds of events at super high speed with a super slow cameraThe Slow Mo GuysHowever, trying to apply water to the surface of a substance having the property of becoming a waterdrop without spreading water spot or impregnating it, or magnetizing it with a magnetic fluid having a property of being magnetized while being fluid but being attracted to the magnet A movie that took a close-up look at the super high speed shooting movie "Super Hydrophobic Surface and Magnetic Liquid"Is released to the public.

Super Hydrophobic Surface and Magnetic Liquid - The Slow Mo Guys - YouTube

These two people are The Slow Mo Guys, this time it is like a laboratory,Hydrophobic substanceI tried to shoot at ultra high speed how it repels water and the magnetic fluid sucks into the magnet.

In the leaves of plants with hydrophobic properties, as much as small invisible hair grows on the surface, all the water is repelled.

In experiments, we use artificial hydrophobic substances.

I try to apply blue water or red water on the surface of the hydrophobic substance and observe what kind of motion it does.

The state of the experiment is taken using a super slow camera that can shoot at 2500 fps.

Red and blue water fall from the top of the screen ... ...

Richach and landing.

If it is an ordinary substance, water should spread thinly, but water tries to stay on the spot.

Because the amount of blue water is larger than that of red one, it is sucked into blue water.

No matter how much water is poured, it does not spread thinly and circularly on the surface of the hydrophobic substance.

When the amount of water to be poured decreases, small water droplets move as if they jump over the surface.

It is mysterious how small drops of red and blue jump around the surface.

Next I tried pouring only blue.

As before, the water repelled on the surface loses its position and changes to a strange shape.

I will separate it into small water droplets for repelling on the surface.

After becoming smaller, the blue water droplets jumping at the momentum of falling.

Next, shoot the light only on the subject with the laboratory a little dark.

Red water approaching from the left side of the screen.

Blue water also flows from the right side.

Two colors of water collide.

The red water was swept to the left by the blue water approaching a large amount from the right side.

The blue water flows toward the left side while breaking into small chunks.

When the amount of water decreases, it changes from a small chunk to a smaller water droplet.

The transparent feeling of the blue water and the water droplets moving while bouncing with slow motion create an exquisite atmosphere.

Next, I shoot how the magnet changes closer to the magnetic fluid.

Magnets are embedded in the black protrusions, and the magnetic fluid is on the glass dish underneath. In the experiment, we take a picture of how the magnetic fluid is sucked into the magnet by raising the plate slightly upward.

Then start shooting.

When the magnetic fluid is brought closer to the magnet ......

Something like horns grew with nice.

Things like horns extend upwards and come into contact with magnets.

The magnetic fluid seemed to be sucked into the magnet, and the tip of the magnet slightly inflated.

With the feeling like bubbling when blowing, the tip of the magnet gradually increases.

The tip of the expanding magnets.

The magnetic fluid sucked up by the magnet changed to a spherical shape while it bulged, and the lower side became a feeling like a little rough and rock.

The magnetic fluid finally swelled like a ball, and the lower half turned into a spider shape.

The Slow Mo GuysShooting a gun underwaterWe are publishing various super slow images such as. High speed shooting is getting pretty familiar, such as the slow motion video function that can shoot movies at 120 fps on the iPhone 5 s, and so on, so it is also ant to enjoy shooting at high speed by yourself.

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