"Thorskan" engine which creates high quality 3DCG by 3D scan of the whole building

Although 3D scanning is used to create 3D models of relatively small things such as objects and people, the technology to create a real 3D model by scanning the entire environment such as buildings and townscape is "Thorskan"is. It is assumed to be used in movies and games, it is extremely high quality and has a texture like the picture actually shot.


Full reality 3D experience | Thorskan

At first glance it looks like a ruin of rare photos, but this is a 3D model made by Thorskan.

The building which exists in reality is made into a whole 3D model, and it is possible to confirm the details by moving the viewpoint. You can tell from the movie below how it works.

Better Reality 3D scan - YouTube

Walls that are being scribbled, dirty grounds, sunlight that plugs in through the windows, anything you look at.

You can see that it is "3D model" with hints and 3D-like reflections.

Colorful graffiti.

There is garbage in the corner of the room.

Every single trash is real.

There is no creativity like seeing the texture of the pillar at once.

Do you feel a little uncomfortable if you carefully look at the enlarged image, such as window dirt and ceiling? It is about degree.

It was made using the 3D model above,The Farm 51To handleGet EvenIt is calledFPSThe picture.

Get Even - 'What Is Real' Teaser Trailer - YouTube

The inside of the ruins where the sunlight was inserted and bright was a different atmosphere.

A smartphone placed in the room.

The ground shines ......

To a cyber atmosphere.

Three men sneaking into the ruins.

People falling to the ground.

It goes unnaturally to the hole opened in the wall.

Even if you are tremendously approaching the wall, there is no creation in dirt and texture.

And in the room there was a girl tied to the chair ... ....

Also, in addition to this, Thorskan's technology makes 3D modeling of people and objects as well.

Thorskan 3D models made out of photos



It has been reproduced to detail.


It melts into the snow scene and it feels like this.



A city that sank in the water.

Something square will be reflected.

Changing the angle ...

It was the appearance of the ruins.

Looking from another angle it looks like the following.

It is an image with an atmosphere like an evening.

This is in PolandBetterRealityCompany's work called. We are specializing in producing high quality 3D models like those used for movies, TV and games, and other examplesVimeoIt is possible to see from.

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