3D printer "ChefJet" capable of outputting food will be released in the second half of 2014

Development of 3D printers that produce food by receiving financial assistance from NASAAlthough it was done, a 3D printer which can output foods one more quickly than this "ChefJet"Has appeared. By introducing water · sugar · flavor · coloring agent, you can make candies and sugar confections of various shapes, colors and flavors.

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Home appliance trade fair held in Las Vegas, USA2014 International CESAt the 3D printer manufacturer's3D SystemsA 3D printer capable of outputting food "ChefJet"When"ChefJet Pro"Has been released. With these 3D printers you will be able to freely print your favorite size and shape of sugar confectionery from sugar, water and flavor. According to 3D Systems, these are the world's first 3D food printers, but while easy3D printers that can mold three-dimensional chocolate appear in 2012doing.

This is ChefJet, you can make sugar confectionery slowly in real time.

The color that can be attached to what ChefJet outputs is white or black only. However, it is possible to output several different flavored sugar confections.

I can also make sugar confectionery of such complex shape and pattern.

The price of ChefJet is supposed to be 5000 dollars (about 520,000 yen).

And this is ChefJet Pro. It is bigger than ChefJet and it seems that it will be about 2 or 3 people in inside.

The form that can be created is the same as ChefJet, but since ChefJet Pro allows you to color the output, you can also make colorful candy like the picture.

I do not see it as a food, but I seem to be able to eat it.

You can see that you can print something pretty cleverly with a color gradation or outputting candy in candy.

The price of ChefJet Pro here will be close to $ 10,000 (about 104 million yen). Representatives of 3D Systems commented that "With ChefJet Pro, you can also create a detailed representation of the face and clothes of bride and groom like sugar confectionery in wedding wedding cake" . Note that these 3D food printers will be released later in 2014.

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