The court orders to pay part of the sales of Nintendo 3DS as royalties


Nintendo 3DS's autostereoscopic technology infringes the patent, Seijiro Tomita led by Tomita Technologies International Ltd. in 2011 is having a lawsuit against Nintendo, the District Court for the District of New York against Nintendo Ordered 1.82% of wholesale price per royalty per 1 Nintendo 3DS to Mr. Tomita.

(PDF file) 11-cv-4256-1.pdf

Nintendo ordered to give up almost 2 percent of 3DS sale money in patent suit damages | The Verge

Mr. Tomita complained to Nintendo that it is a patent infringement is a technique of viewing stereoscopic images with naked eyes, naked-eye stereoscopic viewing in Nintendo 3DS, without 3D glasses. In response to Mr. Tomita's complaint, Nintendo claimed that autostereoscopic technology is an adjunct part of the design of Nintendo 3DS, but the claim was not approved and the District Court for the District of New York in August 2013 I ordered Nintendo for 15.1 million dollars (about 1.45 billion yen) which is half of the amount of compensation awarded by the jury verdict.


In addition to compensation for patent infringement, the District Court for the District of New York has given Nintendo an order to pay Mr. Tomita a royalty of 1.82% of the wholesale price per 1 Nintendo 3DS. Mr. Tomita originally requested payment of 4.5 dollars (about 460 yen) per car as a royalty, but the results did not pass Mr. Tomita's request.

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Judge Jed Rakoff who issued this ruling said, "If the price of Nintendo 3DS goes down, the number of units sold will increase and the royalty will also increase, so there is a possibility that Mr. Tomita will have benefits in the future," the judge said Description.

The Federal District Court also ordered Nintendo to pay $ 242,123 (about 25 million yen) as interest before judgment.

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