Research results that the existence of the universe is a hologram from another "parallel universe" has been announced

ByJames LeVeque

I think that it is unlikely to think about the origins of sky stars and everyday substances that are normally looking up to the usual degree, but in reality their existence may be a "hologram" that came from another universe Results are announced and attention is gathered.

Is The Universe A Hologram? Physicists Say It's Possible

Although it is a "hologram", this does not mean that the universe is being illuminated by a light source emitted from a certain point of the universe but a theory that explains all the substancesString theory(String theory) andSuper string theory(Superstring theory) has become a concept to explain.

BySam Dredge

"There is an extremely small energy thread that vibrates among all the substances"String theory(Superstring theory) is said to be one of the theories that can solve the contradiction confronted by Einstein's "general relativity theory" and "quantum mechanics", but that hypothesis has been proved yet No. It is known for discovering important concepts in superstring theoryJuan MardassenaIn a paper published by the professor in 1997, it is "energy generated by extremely small oscillating" string "gravityWill be explained by advanced physics viewpoint. "

"String" far exceeds normal understanding10 dimensionsProfessor Mardacena's hypothesis that Professor Maldashena is actually a hologram that arrives from another universe that has a lower dimension and no gravity exists actually has been regarded as a mystery of modern science for more than 50 years, We have attracted much attention as a means to solve the contradiction between "sexual theory" and "quantum mechanics", and research has been conducted all over the world.

ByLuiz Fernando Reis

In November 2013, the research team focusing on "Associate Professor Hiakutake Yoshihumi (Yoshifumi Hyakutake)" of Ibaraki University is a website which archives essays such as physics physicsArXiv.orgI published two papers. In the paper, string theory and repeated appearance and extinctionVirtual particleBased on prediction byEnergy inside the black hole, Gravity does not existLower dimension of parallel universe energyWe conducted a computer simulation and found that the results of both were exactly the same. This was in support of Mr. Maldashena's hypothesis.

[1311.7526] Quantum Near Horizon Geometry of Black 0-Brane

[1311.5607] Holographic description of quantum black hole on a computer

Professor Mardacena said, "Although the two simulated space models are different from the actual universe," the mathematically verified contents are "the gravity of our universe It tells the significance that the property has a hope that the day will be explained by a simpler system based on the viewpoint of pure quantum theory in the future. " Literally, it is a very high-dimensional research, but it is interesting as a clarification of the origin of the existence of the universe.


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