I tried using "Cocodas leader" which can display news on all screens of smartphone

No matter what application you open on your smartphone, RSS readers that can display news and blog posts at the top of the screenCocodas leader"is. You can launch a web browser, use a game application, place a cocodas reader at the top of the screen even if you are using email or SNS, you can erase it from the screen with a single touch.

Cocodus leader - Google Play Android application

I tried using Cocodas leader
Cocodas leader can be installed from Google Play.

When the installation is completed and the application is opened, an orange Cocodas leader appears in the center of the screen. You can change the placement location by tapping this and dragging.

Scroll through the page with Cocodas leader on the screen ......

It is also possible to start other applications. Of course, whatever you do, Coco Das leader will be displayed at the top of the screen.

If you want to add news to Cocodas leader tap red frame part.

Then a menu will be displayed.

Tap "Feed setting" in this.

Since "Feed List" is displayed, tap the news you want to display. I tapped "NHK News" this time.

Tap "Enable (title + details)" or "Valid (title)" and tap "OK" ...

With this feeling news will be displayed on Cocodas leader.

Of course it is also possible to register multiple feeds.

I tried registering GIGAZINE for Cocodas leader
Of course it is also possible to add new sites not listed in the Cocodas leader's feed list. That's why I tried to register GIGAZINE. Display the top page of GIGAZINE in the web browser and tap the photo icon.

Since the RSS feed is displayed, tap "RSS 1.0".

Then it will go to the RSS feed page. Tap the menu button on this page.

Then tap "Share".

And tap "Cocodas leader" OK.

Select the display method and tap "OK" to complete the setting.

Even if you open any page or application, the information of the GIGAZINE article will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Even on the home screen ......

Even if GIGAZINE is open, there is a Cocodas leader at the top.

Of course, if you are a site that distributes RSS feeds, you can add it to any cocodas leader on any site using the same procedure. It still exists secretlyGIGAZINE secret clubIf you are a member, you will be able to acquire "full-text RSS", so you will be able to see the full article in Cocodas leader.

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