Clearly the behavior of men changes in front of women in "cheerleader effect"

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Cheerleader is a women's support team supporting men fighting in American football and others. It seems that men can play vigorously by cheerleader's support, but if men are actually in front of a woman, it will affect the behavior of men "Cheerleader effect"The results of studying are summarized.

The Cheerleader Effect: New Research on What Men Do to Impress -

In the annual American football competition, players who repeatedly practiced refine strategies under an capable coach and strike the body and body to strike the outcome. Though the cheering girls who support the team seems not to be related to victory or defeat, recent studies suggest that cheerleader presence influences player's behavior as "cheerleader effect".

Stanford UniversityProfessor of Biology · Neuroscience · NeurosurgeryRobert SapolskyAccording to Mr., as a result of merely looking at a woman who is walking along the road, the result that men ignore the signal and the possibility of colliding with the bus increases is published in the 2008 Evolutionary Psychology Journal It is obvious that "there is a change in the behavior of men in front of a woman".

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These behavior patterns of men, from several years agoJournal of Personality and Social Psychology"Or"British Journal of PsychologyMany research books such as "It has been repeatedly reported. In the research, men said they had a tendency to see the face and legs when watching pictures of women and women. This is "2011"Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin"In induction mating goals (mating induction target)" in the article published in "It is said that it is strongly seen especially among single men among men, and in contrast, in women It is something that can hardly be seen.

Men who received stimuli from women including such sexual appeal have a risk of gambling, and we know that there is a tendency to spend money on luxury goods not usually bought.

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In 2012Florida State UniversityofSarah AinsworthWith Mr.John ManelAccording to doctoral research, male 'mating target' is effective even when playing intense game like rugby done in big noises, so it receives cheers by 'cheerleader effect' And the quality of play scientifically.

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According to a study on the influence of women separately performed on men, the results that women are unconsciously driving men to advertise their ability and attractiveness have also been announced and attracted to women There is a conclusion that the tendency of men being tended to take a position to instruct battle rather than peace becomes stronger. The fact that no historically male shortage occurred also proves that women accept the aggressiveness of men who have driven them.

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However, this "cheerleader effect" is not merely to make women aggressive or violent in menMark van VugtProfessor of psychologyWendy IredaleAccording to research results published by Dr. British Journal of Psychology in 2012, men who stood in front of attractive women increased the amount of donation to public works, tend to do charity projects such as blood donation and volunteers It has also been announced that there is. "If a man in front of a woman consciously becomes aware of being actively becoming aggressive, if you realize it and controlling it, you will be able to make a more gentle and correct society," says Sapolsky.

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