How to check the evidence that my Microsoft account has been compromised

ByJudy van der Velden

No matter how much you care about ID and password management,Unauthorized access using leaked passwordThere is no sign of disappearing after the incident such as.Passwords that are easy to come up and used frequentlyAlthough it is important to handle such as not using, it is also important to check your account for unauthorized access at the same time. You can check how to check and deal with unauthorized access to Microsoft account from the following.

When, Where & amp; Did They Succeed?

First of allLogin screenEnter account name and password inMicrosoft accountLogin to.

When login is completed, click "Recent Activity" displayed on the left side of the screen.

In order to check the contents you need to enter the security code. Select the code acquisition method by e-mail this time, enter the reception address, click "next".

When the security code arrives at the address, please input and click "send".

A recent login history screen was displayed.

The login success / failure, the date and time, the IP address and OS type used at that time, and the name of the browser are displayed.

It is login history that I do not remember, paying attention. For example, in the case of access from overseas like this, it is highly likely that it is an unauthorized login attempt. Since the location is determined from the IP address, a location different from the actual location may be displayed depending on the state of the network etc.

If it is clear that it is an unknown access, click on "I am not yourself" to notify Microsoft and change the password.

In addition, if there is access from Ireland, the United Kingdom, Russia it is likely that there was an unauthorized login. If the status seems to be "Logged in normally", it is possible that the password has been leaked or decrypted, so you need to set a new password immediately.

In order to increase the security of accounts,Software that manages ID and password collectivelyUse a different password for each service using,2 step verificationBecause there is a technique to turn on, it is important to always pay attention without thinking of others.

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