Review Amazon's simple and practical 2014 calendar desk calendar in two at once

Besides using the calendar you got from someone or somewhere, you buy your favorite calendar by yourself, even buy the analog calendar not on the screen of the smartphone, tablet or personal computer until you feel selfish Each one should be there.

For example, I have chosen various calendars for almost 20 years, but the thing I want to emphasize most is that there is no "sixth display". It is because I feel sick if I write 'Buddha' in checking the schedule of the day today. If it says whether it is totally unnecessary or not, there is not such a thing, and when it is a ceremonial occasion, a business, etc. it is what I want to confirm in order to decide the date. Next I want to prioritize visibility, not easy to read digits, but need something that will help me scare the flow of the schedule within the brain with a close eye on last month, this month, next month. And strongness, for about 12 months from December, you will be asked to have enough strength not to become dumbfounded even if you are curled flattering over the moon, torped up, torn down and stabbed .

Well, if you think like this, the choices become fewer, but it is a desktop calendar that Amazon satisfies all these requests for selfishness. 【 Limited】 Original 2014 calendar desk kindle version: book

This is kindle version limited from What is used for the calendar is thick paper with a bit rough texture, design based on the white and black on the front cover images of Kindle 's standby screen. The paper is somewhat thick and it is thick enough to pass through the back as soon as you hold it over the light.

Although the ring part that puts up the calendar is made of paper, the durability is also perfect because the paper is reinforced by double winding. Even if it is crushed strongly with your fingers, the shape will not be easily deformed, so there will be no worry of breakage from the ring. Also, since the surface of the ring is smooth and it is smaller than the empty hole on the calendar side by about two times, there was nothing like catching on the ring part when turning the calendar.

Since it is a desk calendar, it can be autonomous if it folds the black solid base part. It is making it to bend at the crease so that it is easier to stand up by repeating folding a few times.

Turning around with Perry, it looks like this. The calendar is Sunday's beginning, Sunday and holidays are written in red letters, Saturday in blue letters, and the names of holidays are well documented. In the upper part of the calendar, the last month, the next month, the second month are written in mini size, it is a refreshing design so it's easy to see the day of the week and the date, suitable for planning. Furthermore, there are almost no useless spaces because the date frames are spread all over the paper.

The date characters are relatively small, and it is easier to write notes in empty spaces in the date frame. As the surface is a little gritty paper, letters are easy to write with any kind of pen such as pencil, mechanical pencil, felt pen or marker. Background The fact that the illustration is modest and not rough is also contributing to writing easiness.

Since the size is about the same size as the iPhone 5, it is just too big to put on the desk and is a good size feeling.

When looking at the back of the calendar like this, date, day of the week, memo space is ant.

Turning the calendar and trying it in February changed the design of the back.

I found an illustration of a snowman featuring February.

It turns into a pale pink color in March and cherry blossoms bloom on the back tree.

In June, the back becomes blue, and illustration of rain is also drawn. Because the background color and illustrations change every month with such feeling, it will be fun to turn the calendar by visually observing the change of the moon. 【 Limited】 Original 2014 calendar desk top Amazon logotype: book

Next, I will look at Amazon logotype. This desk calendar is also limited to It is color like Amazon cardboard, and the rough texture of the paper also helps to make Amazon packaging cardboard image. And the basic structure is exactly the same as the kindle version desk calendar.

The moon display looks something like this, simpler than kindle version. Since there is no illustration in the back of the date part, the visibility is up, but because the margin is provided around the calendar, the size of the date coma is smaller than the kindle version.

Calendar specifications are the same as kindle version, Sunday beginning · Sunday and holidays in red letters · Saturday in blue letters. The texture of the paper is a little smoother than the kindle version, but also the letter is easy to write. Because it is a simpler design, there are a lot of people that it is better not to mess with it.

For Amazon logotype as well, the ring part which put together each calendar paper was thick and double paper reinforced paper was used.

Each month notation is accompanied by an illustration that makes the image of the moon, banners and frames used for New Year's play in January are drawn.

In Amazon logotype there was a mini calendar last month, the next month, the following month at the left end of the calendar.

The back of the calendar is exactly the same as kindle version.

February is like this, there is hardly any change in look and feel.

Looking at the kindle version and Amazon logotype side by side like this. The size is totally the same size.

Even if you want a calendar like this, even if you do not want to be like Amazon at the other, it's okay, there is a calendar to call this prototype of the Amazon calendar. NK 8516 Desktop Calendar Color Index (2014 version): book

This is a simpler calendar, NK 8516. Made by Shin Nihon Calendar Co., Ltd.

Unlike the two calendars made by Amazon, this calendar is set up so that it is very easy to fold or stand up, because it has a form that is folded in advance and has a crease that is not folded in it.

The calendar paper is thinner than Amazon's, and the level where the back side can be totally passed through without touching the light. Since each day is color-coded in color and each date is large and easy to read, this is No. 1 if you place importance on visibility. It is the calendar of Sunday start without Six Sundays, the place with the mini calendar of the last month, the next month, the following month at the top is exactly the same as the calendar of kindle version.

Durable materials made of metal are used for the ring part to hold this calendar. However, since the ring hole is almost the same size as the ring, it looks like rubbing a lot.

You can write letters in the squares of the date, but since the margin is smaller than the other calendars and the quality of the paper is so smooth it is rubbed with hands etc. to write with a pen with good pen and ink, so letters are dented Be careful so that it does not become.

The back side of the calendar looks something like this, useful when you want to check the display on Sunday.

There is an index of each month at the bottom of the calendar ... ....

You pinch this and it's easy to turn around and turn around. So, it is suitable for those who habitually schedule the calendar by flickering and flickering the calendar.

The monthly design difference is only the month number and letter color.

Kindle version When comparing the desk calendar and size, it looks like this. Because NK 8516 is taller by the margin at the bottom of the calendar, if you are put in various positions on the desk, this calendar is a bit more contrivous that visibility will be higher.

Surely I would like to place such a calendar, but I do not say stinky things like two months or so, so far, no matter how much I look at all the calendar for a year and still clearly this month ... for a selfish look like a ... In addition, the calendar that flew more bluntly. NK 8541 Desktop Calendar Color Index (Large) 2014 Version: Books

The calendar NK 8541 that appeared last, the structure of the paper and stand part is exactly the same as NK 8516.

You can stand up like NK 8516, but ...

Pull out the claws on the bottom ... ...

Insert it in the opposite hole ...

And with this hook stick on the top ... ...

You can also hang it on a wall and use it.

The ring that holds the hook and the calendar is made of metal, so it will not break easily.

The calendar is Sunday's beginning, Sunday and holidays are in red letters, Saturdays are in blue letters.

There is a mini calendar for 12 months on both sides, so you can check dates for 365 days at any time.

You can also write memos and marks on the date mass, but when writing something with an aqueous pen like NK 8516, care must be taken not to bleed letters with rubbing or the like.

On the top of NK 8541 are written the events to be held in each month, which are also features not found in other calendars.

The sixth display is behind the calendar.

The mini calendar part of the NK 8541 is indexed, you can grab it and turn it over.

The design difference of each month page is only the character color of the month.

When arranging each calendar like this, NK 8541 is the largest. If you want something simple and highly visible, NK 8516 is recommended, if you write letters, two Amazon calendars are recommended, but the kindle version which makes the transition of the moon easier to understand is particularly good. NK 8541 may be suitable for those who need to have a calendar for one year unless they are always in a visible place.

In this way, there are various kinds of calendars, but this time we chose it with elements such as "I do not need to see Always Six Months", "I'd like to see the previous month", "Durable one is better" , Priority varies from person to person. So, first of all, considering "the top priority you desire for your calendar", you should be able to choose the one that best suits your feeling from among a number of calendars. 【 Limited】 Original 2014 calendar desk kindle version: book 【 Limited】 Original 2014 calendar desk top Amazon logotype: book NK 8516 Desktop Calendar Color Index (2014 version): book NK 8541 Desktop Calendar Color Index (Large) 2014 Version: Books

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