We have eaten "Turkey Maru Yakitori" offered exclusively for 1 chicken per volume for 50 yakitori

Approximately 50 squirrels of normal size and about 3.5 kilograms in weight "Turkey Maru YakitoriHowever, you can eat seven places in the country nationwideAll or Mainichi Main Office TokyoAs it is said that it is provided in, we have been sure what kind of things you can actually eat.

Japan's first Christmas menu! Provide Turkey as a whole Yakitori "Turkey Maru Yakitori"

All and the consular general head office Tokyo,Tokyo Metro Otemachi StationIt is located directly on the 2nd floor of the directly connected Tokyo Sankei Building.

I found a big glassed store in the floor.

This is the whole building and the consolidated main office Tokyo, which is made by piercing the 2 floors of the basement 2 floor and the basement 1 floor.

Arriving at the entrance, I will infiltrate inside.

The inside looks quite like this and the ceiling is quite high, as the number of seats is over 200 so it seems to be a big party party.

There are eight booths in the store ......

There were also multiple tables in it.

There is also a standing drinking space in one corner of the store.

Discover Turkey Maru Yakitori pop in the shop. Turkey Maru Yakitori's offering start time is 19 o'clock and it seems that customers in the store will be able to order at 19 o'clock. In the case of many orders, we did a lottery for example by means of rocking scissors or crabs, we ate only one pair a day, we ate beforeMega Yakitori IIIt is said to be in the same order form as.

This time, with the provision of limited set of 1 pair per day, it was too high risk to challenge the lottery, so ask them to prepare in advance. When it is actually provided, preparation seems to be prepared so that freshly baked turkey marinator can be brought out immediately after lottery performed at 19:00.

Turkey Maru Yakitori comes with sparkling wine "Codogne Classico Brut Half" (white) as an order award. This is 2500 yen including tax so it is quite cost effective.

Looking at it again anyhow big ...

The size is clear at a glance when compared with the usual size of the yakitori

Skewers are another thing.

Because the turkey marl and the grass are weighing about 3.5 kilograms, two thick bamboo skewers, one meter thick, are passed through.

Breeded meat with buds and wings chicken with it.

This is a thigh.

It hits a bird 's tail, a hook.

After having enjoyed on the first street, I thought whether I should eat musamsha as it is, but because I was not able to eat alone by one person, I had them cut in the kitchen.

At the time of actual ordering it is possible to have them cut in the kitchen or choose themselves by themselves. If you go by a couple of people, it is better to eat while we are dismantling waiwai and birds, and the place is sure to be exciting.

Turkey Maru It seems like this when disassembling an ornament.

That's why Pakuri again. Turkey is less oil than chicken, you can go on eating without stomach leaning with oil, but depending on the person it may be a bit unsatisfactory. It is easy to eat because there is not a habit, but as my body is tightened and my stomach surely swells my stomach, it seems better to have at least 4 or more members in order when ordering.

It's easy to eat meat and juicy meat. Since salt and pepper are tightly tasted, you can go gabbing as it is.

This is fresh wings and chicken wings, and the two remain clinging to the fresh.

Even eating chicken meat with elegant knife and fork is OK. However, since the meat is not very tasty, ...

It may be good to try savoring seasoning such as walnut, miso sauce, yuzu pepper and garlic powder.

A combination of Yuzu pepper and meat is quite refreshing taste

Miso is perfect for juicy thigh part.

The impression of the taste will change at every part of the four kinds of savory and turkey, so it may be good to try eating while looking for a favorite part.

Since the sales period is December 21 to December 25, it is a perfect menu for Christmas parties and banquets. If you are interested in bringing together a group of friends, and if you enter the store before 19 o'clock, depending on lottery results, you may be able to eat rare turkey bait.

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