I tried to make such a pen "3Doodler" that 3D printing can be done by hand-drawn

A 3D printer that outputs 3D data and creates three-dimensional objects using resinLow-priced items also appeared, I am active in art to the creation of everyday items, but I made it possible to create three-dimensional objects with hand-drawn like a pen without creating 3D data using software3Doodler"is. How do you feel comfortable? So I tried to make various using 3Doodler actually.

Welcome to 3Doodler - The 3Doodler

The package looks something like this.

There was a notice on the side of the package. Since the tip of the main body becomes hot, it is necessary to cool down the main body before storing it. The target age is 12 years old or over.

When opening the box, a colorful plastic-like stick appeared.

The set includes ABS plastic 5 bags, user guide, main unit, power adapter.

Since the user guide is written in English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, there is no problem even if you do not understand English.

The total length of the main body is roughly 25 cm. The output is 24 W, the input voltage is 12 V, the output voltage is 12 V.

ABS resinThere was one bag of "Put On Yo 'Shades", two bags of "Meta", and two bags of "Essentials".

I will try using it at once. First of all plug in the power adapter and connect the cable to the main unit.

There are two types of resin for 3Doodler, PLA and ABS, but this time ABS is all ABS.

So, set the power button to "ABS".

As soon as the power is turned on, the indicator lights red.

After about 1 minute passed, the indicator changed from red to blue. When ABS resin is used as a material, it means that blue is available while red is preheating.

3Doodler official pageCOMMUNITYSince the photos and data of the thing that the user made are listed, it is also possible to download the data from there. I actually printed alphabetical samples on a printer.

Put the resin from the bottom part of the main body ... ...

Press the button. There are two types of buttons and speed can be adjusted in two steps.

I am going to write letters with resin as you trace the alphabet ... ... but the timing when the resin comes out and the speed of moving the hand do not match well, so it gets messed up.

The first work failed perfectly.

Also, as long as the button is kept pressed, resin will continue to be released, and if you let go of the button, the resin will cease to flow out, but if you push too hard it will cause the button to snag on the body and keep the resin out even where you want to break it I fall into the situation. It seems that you need to get used to using it to some extent.

A few times challenge.

You can see how you actually use 3Doodle from the following movies.

I tried writing the alphabet with ABS resin using 3Doodle - YouTube

Let's slowly trace a character ......

Somehow the alphabet A is completed.

I seem to have gotten used to a bit compared to the first one.

I made a logo of GIGAZINE.

The remains of ABS resin sacrificed to make so far are like this.

To change the color, press both buttons to push out the resin in the opposite direction.

The tip of the resin taken out was melted.

In addition, since the main body turns off automatically when it is left for 5 minutes, at such time, restart work by turning off the power or pressing the button again.

When putting new color resin and pressing button for a while, the resin left in the main body is discharged and it is possible to use new color.

I also challenge three-dimensional objects.

The finished "G" looks something like this.

The resin that comes out from the tip solidifies after a while, so it is basically possible to draw things in the air, but when I used it for a while, there is unevenness in the way the resin comes out, when it goes smoothly and quite It turned out that there was no time. When it does not go out easily it will get better if you push the resin inserted in the bottom of the main body, but in order to keep resin out, sometimes you have to keep depressing the output button, draw a picture with a pen Impression that you can not say until 3D objects can be made easily. However, at the moment when the resin was exchanged or continued to use for a while and the temperature became hot, I could draw a line smoothly.

It is possible to check the state of drawing curves actually in the air from the following movie.

When you draw a line in the air with resin, it becomes like this - YouTube

Also, since the data of the workpiece was also listed on the official page, I will try also a stained glass napkin holder.

Parts are created apart.

I will attach each part with melted resin, but ...

Because resin is out of bad, we abandoned it with bond for woodworking.

It is done somehow.

I will actually insert paper.

Because I traced the data output by the printer, ink was transferred a little to the back side of the resin.

It seems that everyone can not make it easily because it depends on the competence of people using it,Photos posted on COMMUNITYThere are also strength works in it, so you should be able to enjoy it if you can master it. Some of the users recreate Munch 's scream "...


There were people who made three - dimensional mantis etc.

In addition, it is possible to purchase a set of 50 main body and resin for 99 dollars (about 10,000 yen).

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