Terminator is chased after being helped, and lastly the "Terminator 2" which sinks in the blast furnace while setting the thumb is the movie which roughly understands at 60 seconds

movies"Terminator 2Movie that you can understand in only 60 seconds "Speedrun: Terminator 2 Judgment Day in 60 seconds"Is published on YouTube. Although the story goes on a super express, it is a workmanship that admires as to whether you can stuff the story so far in just 60 seconds with people full of unexpectedly grinning scenes if you have seen the work once.

Speedrun: Terminator 2 Judgment Day in 60 seconds - YouTube

Suddenly something suddenly appeared at a corner of a certain town, this is the terminator T-800 type which has been sent from the future.

Enter the nearby building in the nakedness, put the "getting the clothes wearing" to the poor middle-aged, and push the impossible order ......


Successful procurement of clothes, sunglasses and motorcycles.

And it was the game center that came.

Here for the first time John Conner and T - 800 encounter.

In addition, another battle begins when another Terminator type T - 1000 type sent from the future appears.

In the gap where the T - 800 is being ... ...

John ran away on a motorbike.

When I am relieved that I ran away, the track suddenly comes in.

In a place that is likely to be hit by a truck ......

John is helped by the T - 800 on the bike.

Successfully destroying the truck.

John escapes from the tracking of T - 1000 and knows what T - 800 came to protect himself from the future.

And I will try to call my parent / guy's couple ... ...

T-1000 exploring John's whereabouts has turned into a woman as a guardian, and men have also been killed.

The stage will move to a police hospital where Sarah Connor John's mother is imprisoned.

In front of Sara's attempt to escape, T-800 sent from the future to hit himself appeared ... ...

That T - 800 can help me.

I can catch up with the T - 1000 that can deform the body ... ...

Intercept with a shotgun.

And I succeed in rejecting the tracking of T - 1000 somehow.

I will escape to Enrique who is Sara's cooperator and prepare for the battle by supplementing weapons. Here T-800 will have John name the name "Uncle Bob".

Sarah, a Cyberdyne employee who will develop computer elements leading to the birth of Skynet, rides alone at Dyson's house.

I will try to kill Dyson and stop the rebellion of the future machine ... ...

Sarah can not do that, T - 800 and John will rush there.

And we will prove that T - 800 is a robot coming from the future to Dyson couple and look for cooperation.

John's line who came to find the cyborg chip kept in Cyberdyne with the cooperation of Dyson.

The T - 800 will drive out the police with supplemented weapons. Of course the casualties are "zero".

Even escape from Cyberdyne by escape from the special forces that came out to catch John.

The T - 1000 who is pursuing John jacks the helicopter and follows John.

Run away from a helicopter ......

I will change the broken car and the car chase will continue.

T-800 who flew to tank lorry attacked T-1000 driving ... ...

Roll over the tank truck.

And I arrived at the factory where the last fight will be held.

T-1000 which is bathed in liquid nitrogen ejected from the tank truck and solidifies.

Successfully destroyed the T-1000 with the decision zebra "Hurry up and down, baby."

I thought, T - 1000 fragments gathered ... ...

I will replay it again.

And I will make the T - 800 a little hard.

T - 1000 to find John, that enemies are gone.

Sarah is surprisingly trying to catch up with the T - 1000 ... ...

A piece of missing piece of noise just before one falling into a blast furnace.

A dying T-800 appeared there ... ...


T - 1000 will fall into the blast furnace.

In order to destroy all chips, the T - 800 also heads itself to the blast furnace ......

In the end is the name scene sinking into the blast furnace while setting his / her thumb, it should no longer be seen without tears.

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