"GALAXY S4" is burning while charging with genuine products, then Samsung's correspondence is a problem and further different meaning with fire

In an accident related to charging a smartphone,Battery expands to bangpanOr,It ignited from the port part and the whole was burnt in a circleThere is a phenomenon such as becoming, but for some usersGALAXY S4There is a situation that Samsung 's correspondence at the time of the accident where flames are burning is based, and the problem further flames up.

Samsung tries to silence user whose S4 caught fire, it does not go overwell - Neowin

A movie by men who calls me angry mind ghostlyrich on Samsung's correspondence has been uploaded to YouTube, and the number of views at the time of article writing surpassed 310,000 times.

Samsung galaxy s4 catches on fire samsung wants silence - YouTube

Here is ghostlyrich. Previously I was using an iPhone, but he seems to have changed to GALAXY S4.

One day, I went to sleep with Samsung genuine charger inserted to charge GALAXY S4 before going to bed, when I woke up with a burnt smell of electronic equipment, I heard that the flame was up looking at the main body.

Surprised ghostlyrich took the picture in the movie and uploaded it to YouTube. You can see the state around the terminal that it melted with fire.

And when I complained, I heard that a letter from Samsung has arrived.

"I do not want you to get me wrong," ghostlyrich says. "At the beginning of the letter, it says" I'd like you to delete the YouTube movie that is being uploaded. "It's ok for that and OK for business correspondence" and shows a certain understanding .

However, ghostlyrich who read that continuation seems to have seen incredible content.

It is said that the content was "to delete a YouTube movie and not to talk about this matter to anyone" at the same time.

And by signing the consent form, it was written that "I will exchange it with an" equivalent "model with a failed S4. "Is it" equivalent ", but can you guarantee that it can be exchanged with the same model?" Ghostlyrich is also angry.

"Once you have signed the document, you can not talk about this matter to anyone anymore.And how angry is at the heart of anger," such containment "can be done?

"In the event of another breakdown of Apple's goods before, we were uploading to YouTube in the same way, but Apple immediately exchanged items."

"People who are planning to buy S4 from now on and people who already have S4 need to be careful.If an accident happens and the house becomes a fire, once you sign this document, you guarantee It will not be asked for anyone else, including the request. "

"Until this happened, I was a fan of Samsung, but Samusung, this ○ ○ bastard!" Is abusing with dirty words and the movie is over. PrettyI'm absolutely furiousI was ghostlyrich.

The contents of the document received from Samsung is published on the following site. It seems that anger is being stuck in the title "Samsung, you too?" That took up Caesar's words.

Et tu, samsung? - Pastebin.com

And this was the beginning of the movie.

Samsung galaxy s4 caught fire proof for samsung - YouTube

Although the situation has been further burned up due to a mistake of correspondence, it has not been able to be completely extinguished, but what kind of correspondence Samsung will be doing from now on is a necessity.

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