New cup noodle "Red Chili noodle" is moderately hot and exciting flavor

Speaking of cup noodles is a long-selling product that has been on sale for over 40 years, but in addition to regular menus, various period limited menus also appear frequently. On Monday December 2nd "Red chilli tomato noodle"Has been released and I was concerned about how hot it was, so I bought it and ate it eating.

Cup Noodle Red Chill Tomato Noodle | Product Information | Nissin Foods

The package looks like this and red is in the keynote.

Dry characters are written in the package. Regular "Chill tomato noodles"It is said that white pepper and black pepper are contained five times as much.

For raw materials you can check fried tofu, tomato powder, vegetable extract, cheese powder and so on.

The calorie is 335 kcal per meal, slightly less compared to chill tomato noodles (340 kcal).

With opening like this, you can check red powder soup, corn, cabbage, green beans, tomatoes and so on.

After pouring hot water to the inner line ......

Close the lid and wait 3 minutes.

Wait 3 minutes and it will be completed.

The soup is dark red with tomatoes and red peppers.

When I try to eat it is a junk of a cup noodle, an exciting taste with the spicy match of chili. Even after swallowing noodles, the spicyness continues with jiwiwa after the sweetness of the moment contained in the mouth, but if you can eat the dry curry powder that is commercially available you can eat without problems. Although I felt sourness, I did not feel the taste of tomatoes and peppers much.

Seasoned chicken · bean · corn · cabbage etc. are contained, especially sweetness of corn and cabbage matches soup. Tomatoes are easy to collapse, they seem to have melted into juice while they are sipping noodles.

Because the red peppers settle down, the bottom of the soup is rather spicy. A runny nose came when I finished eating.

It's pretty spicy, so it is also recommended for people who like spicy food as well as those who like chili tomato noodles.

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