"UpStand" which can be attached with one touch and does not increase the weight of the road bike

One that is equipped with general city riding bicycle (so-called mama Chari) and city cycle, not equipped in full-scale road bike is "stand" used when parking. Although the stand which becomes heavy thing is omitted owing to the pursuit of running performance, it is a fact that it is one of the worries season for road bike riding. A stand that solves such troubles almost without weight increase is "UpStand"is.

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In the case of a road bike not equipped with a stand, when stopping a bicycle by taking a break or meal, it is almost time to take the bicycle to the ground and park it. Or it may stand up to a fence next to the road, but you may collapse the balance, the bicycle collapses, scratching the building or breaking your own bicycle.

ByGene Bisbee

"UPStand" is an extremely lightweight and compact stand that eliminates such troubles.

The shaft of the stand body is made of lightweight carbon fiber. On the bicycle side, round tabs (mounts) with holes are attached, designed to be plugged in only when necessary.

The material of the tab is iron and it will not fall off easily because it is fixed with the magnet attached to the shaft side.

The total weight is light weight enough that it collects 50 grams or less together. It does not damage the lightness of the road bike.

When using it can be used with one touch. Insert the shaft until it is fixed with a magnet with a "click" on the tab attached to the rear axle.

By this procedure, the stand which can be used temporarily was completed

Also, when you run out, remove the shaft from the tab ... ...

Fold the split shaft into two.

The folded shaft is fixed to the bag under the seat ......

It is compact enough to be stored in the pocket of the cycle jersey.

Preparation on the car body side is very easy. First, remove the bolt fixing the axle of the rear wheel ... ...

Pass the bolts through the tabs.

Then, it is simplicity that only bolt is attached to the rear wheel, fast release is tightened up and fixed.

Finally it is done by inserting the shaft to the base.

Although it is convenient UpStand, it has already landed in Japan from the United States already, it is on sale also in various cycle shops and Amazon etc.

Amazon.co.jp: Upstand Upstand Set Portable Carbon Sidestand: Sports & Outdoor

And this is Garrett Blake of an American who invented UpStand. In order to spread this product to the world, the cloud funding siteKickstarterWe decided to invite investment.

However, as there is no problem in handling commercially available products directly with Kickstarter, this time we propose a plan including Kickstarter exclusive items. For example, this "UpClip"Parts are specially created for upstand mounting on the body.

If you screw in this way to the body frame, you do not have to worry about the storage place of UpStand.

Also, such a bicycle cap or ...

Special T - shirts etc are also available.

In addition, most investment plans are not included in commercial productsSpare tabThere are things that are set, and it is convenient for sharing with the second bicycle.

UpStand is currently being manufactured almost in a manual way like this.

When the Kickstarter project succeeded, we are planning to make improvements that can be manufactured cheaply with high quality by preparing manufacturing tools and so on.

UpStand who is currently recruiting equity, but with a plan of $ 39 (about 4000 yen) it is possible to get a set with UpStand and UpClip one by one. If it is a plan of $ 49 (about 5000 yen), you can get a set with spare tab added to the above set. The plan including the special T - shirt is 59 dollars (about 6100 yen), and the set to which the special cap is added is 99 dollars (about 10 100 yen). In addition, shipping fee of 12 dollars to 18 dollars (about 1200 yen to 1900 yen) is required separately for dispatch to the United States.

At the time of article writing, UpStand is about 20 thousand dollars (about 2,200 thousand yen) of contribution for the target amount of 20,000 dollars (about 2.1 million yen), but the deadline for recruitment is December 6 (Friday It is until 2:25 am.

The Upstand by Garrett Blake - Kickstarter

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