What does the HTML link tag "href" stand for?

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It is an open source shared web serviceGitHubRyan Tomayko who works for software for many years has been thinking about what "href" which is the basic link tag of HTML originates from software development, and since then I have been updating columns since 2008 I will.

What does "HREF" stand for?

Tomayko asked why the link tag was written as "href" instead of "url", "link", or simply "ref"? From the doubt, "HTML recommendationAs a result of checking, "href" has only the description of the attribute written, and it could not find the originating description.

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As a result of investigating various other materials, Tomayko said that although it was not able to find the originally defined origin, it could be the origin of "href"Hypermedia Reference","Hypertext Reference","Heraldo Refera","HTTP Reference","Hyperlink Reference","HTML ReferenceI arrived at the six words of.

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Among them, although it is satisfactory to two of "Hypermedia Reference" and "Hypertext Reference", since "Hyperlink Reference" refers only to "Hyperlink", it is inappropriate as the origin of "href" and "Heraldo Refera "about"Geraldo Rivera"It is a joked joke, and" HTTP Reference "is not explained.

Also, we devised World Wide Web, HTML, HTTP, URL, etc.Tim Berners-LeeIn 1991 when Mr. WWW was announced, "Hypertext discussion in the WWW projectAlthough I am keeping the writing of "HTML text" or "Hypertext" itself, before the announcement of HTMLIt is made before 1965Therefore, Tomayko says that there is no problem excluding "HTML Reference" as its origin.

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In addition, Mr. Berners-Lee says, "By writing a specific code (in hypertext) it is possible to acquire a file, obtain a link destination address, and generate a pseudo hypertext document based on a database etc. In this case, it does not matter whether it is plain text or marked-up text ", indicating that it refers to the entire hypertext not limited to hyperlinks and HTML It is.

From this, the most influential origin of "href" is "HYpertextRefErence ", Tomayko assumes. In addition, we are widely seeking comments from people who can do verification of this assumption and authenticity from web-honored guests and others.

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In addition, as a reference, "Early History of HTML - 1990 to 1992", Bernards-Lee's", "A" is "anchor", "HREF" is "hypertext reference" "Making a server"First written in hypertext"HyperText.m"Has been updated.

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