Nissin's "chicken ramen bowl fluffy eggless wind" is a ginger-like wintery cup noodle flavored with ginger

Chicken Ramen will celebrate its 55th anniversary this year, so from Nissin to "Original chicken gala chicken ramen rice ball"And" Chicken Ramen King ", new products are released one after another in order to excite the birthday. Since November 25 (Monday), a new product for winter, "Chicken Ramen Dumplings Fun Tamago no Ounakake Wind" has been newly released and I was concerned about what kind of arrangements were added to the standard items I bought it and ate it eating.

Chicken ramen bowl fluffy eggless wind | Product Information | Nissin Food

"Chicken ramen bowl fluffy eggless wind breezy" is big bowl in size and large in the side. The design is followed by the atmosphere of chicken noodles.

Chicken noodle character "Hiyoko-chanIt's winter's clothing, saying "Just a little janja fragrant ♪".

Also beside the product name "chicken ramen fluffy egg sauce wind" was printed.

Fried noodles and mushrooms as raw materials (seasoned eggs,Red Belper Pepper, Leek, ginger) · Temara noodles · Seasonings (amino acids) etc can be confirmed.

The calorie is 406 kcal, which is slightly higher than the usual chicken ramen bowl (370 kcal).

Although the ingredients of thickening are contained, the cooking method does not seem to change much.

When opening it is like this. Tempura 's element is in a blue sachet.

Sprinkle bamboo noodles evenly ......

Pour 410 ml of hot water and put it in the line.

The waiting time is 3 minutes, the same as the normal chicken ramen bowl.

It will be like this when opening in 3 minutes. Kaneko was completely back with hot water.

Bubbles coming out at last since it is a bit nervous.

You can quickly check Red Belp Peper, Onion etc.

The color of the soup is the same as ordinary chicken noodles.

If you scoop and drink it, I feel that the soup is a little bit more oil than the ordinary chicken noodle with aromas of soy sauce. The extent to which the thick is attached a little.

When eating with noodles alone, the taste is almost chicken noodles, but I feel the taste of the finger gently. Although the fragrance of ginger is not spicy like raw ginger, it is a good accent and I feel that the body will warm a little.

Part of the egg is like an awkward taste, I especially feel the taste of sweetness and ginger. It is softer than regular eggs of chicken noodles, it looks like eggs in Chinese soup etc.

When you eat eggs and noodles together, you will feel the sweetness strongly. Because you sink quickly unless you eat eggs and noodles, it is recommended to get together and eat.

Red Belper Pepper and green onion did not feel the taste very much. The top of the soup has become thin and thin, so it seems that the soup is somewhat chilled.

The price is 178 yen including tax and the same as chicken ramen bowl. If you like that taste of chicken noodles, you should definitely buy it.

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