Clearly that the world's major net traffic passed through Belarus and Iceland for some reason

ByAndreas Åkre Solberg

Internet communication passes through a predetermined route unless an accident such as a cable breaks due to a natural disaster or accident occurs. However. American companies researching global internet trafficRenesysAccording to the publication, it is clear that the Internet communication of the major cities of the world centered on the United States and European countries passed through Belarus and Iceland, which are not the original transit points.

The New Threat: Targeted Internet Traffic Misdirection - Renesys

Renesys, which monitors internet traffic 24 hours a day, announced that a man-in-the-middle attack to hijack communications was done in cities' Internet communications around the world. Looking at the distribution map of Internet carriers that became the target of man-in-the-middle attack, it can be seen that it is widespread including South America, Australia, China mainly in America and Europe.

The man-in-the-middle attack was confirmed for the first time in February 2013, and the traffic is for some reason BelarusianGlobalOneBelIt was via a provider called. The target of intermediary attack at that time included financial institutions, government agencies, Internet service providers.

One example of traffic announced by Renesys is as follows. Mail sent from Guadalajara in Mexico passes from Washington once through Virginia's Ashburn, through Washington's local provider from New York via London (UK), Moscow (Russia), Minsk (Belarus), Frankfurt (Germany)Qwest / CenturylinkIt has been revealed that it took a considerably detour route different from ordinary. The intermediary attack that occurred in February 2013 continued until March.

The man-in-the-middle attack resumed in May 2013, at this time Internet communication is not in Belarus but in IcelandNyherji hfAlthough it is said that it was via via, the attack ends in 5 minutes. And again on July 31, 2013 the man-in-the-middle attack occurred, the traffic is in IcelandOpin KerfiIt is via a provider called that the attack lasted until August.

In July's man-in-the-middle attack, communication between the cities of the city of Denver and the United States of America is in Chicago, Ashburn, New York, London, Reykjavik (Iceland), Montreal (Canada), Chicago, New York, Dallas, Kansas It was the way that I returned to Denver through the city.

Provider'sBorder Gateway Protocol (BGP)This attack that occurred because of being hijacked still has the mechanism, the motive, the criminal of the attack still unknown. Renesys in IcelandPeeringAfter checking the details on the team, I received the reply that July's man-in-the-middle attack was caused by a bug in the vendor software and since the patch was fixed, the problem no longer exists.

Renesys says, "It is unlikely that a bug in vendor software will cause hijacking of BGP that has occurred around the world," and also "It is unlikely that it will happen regularly due to the actual occurrence of a theoretically concerned man-in-the- We have raised the danger level to a possible level. "

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